A White Knight’s Hypocricy

June 3, 2010
By J.D. Cook

Glenn BeckPerhaps Glenn Beck should go watch Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and pay particular attention to the character of Harvey Dent. Dent is an idealistic ‘White Knight’ district attorney, bent on cleaning up the streets. Knowing that Dent is Gotham’s only real chance of salvation, the mischievous Joker sets out to corrupt the ‘White Knight’ and, by publicly discrediting him, discourage the public’s will in fighting the good fight. In today’s world there are very few Dent-like characters as few are willing to step up as a voice for wholesome American beliefs in the face of a vastly liberal-progressive media and a keep-power-at-all-costs liberal government (on a side note, isn’t it sad that “liberal”, which literally means freedom-loving, now represents a group of people who favor statism and government control?).

In the past year, Beck has sort of emerged into this role as ‘White Knight’ as he focuses on connecting people with the founding beliefs of this country, beliefs such as liberalism (in the true sense of the word). Each week on his Fox News program, he has a “Founders Friday” where he talks about a different Founding Father (or Mother) of America and he regularly exposes schemes to “fundamentally change” the core ideals of America. Ideals which drove us to the top of the global ladder.

Unfortunately, Beck is just a person like me or you. To a lot of his audience, that’s part of his charm. But, as his popularity and exposure rapidly increases, he needs to understand just how slim his margin for error is, as there are countless progressive ‘Jokers’ that are aching to discredit him by inflating any mistake that he should make.

This past week Beck made such a mistake. He brought the comments of President Obama’s daughter into one of his radio shows. He was trying to present a very valid point – that Obama was using an anecdote about his daughter to shield himself from criticism over his handling of the British Petroleum oil spill. But by poking fun at Obama’s quote and not the President himself it was interpreted by some as making fun of an eleven-year-old girl. It was a strategy that was supposed to make people think; “his daughter asked him if he plugged the oil spill yet, he is hurting from this oil spill just like the people of the Gulf Coast” and most people would see through this political move and realize it for the cheap bit of pathos it was. But, sadly, Beck proceeded to mock Obama’s speech by imitating the quote from his daughter and this was like feeding time for a liberal media that attacks Beck even when he doesn’t make such mistakes.

Of course, Beck apologized but the damage is done and the media does not have to mention his apology, nor will they. There is a bit irony of Beck’s comments. Just last week Beck went into a monologue on his show about how actor James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) called him “The Devil” while Beck was holding his young son at a theatrical presentation. Beck gave a monologue about how the children should be left out of politics. He then went to commercial and a few minutes into the next segment he off-handedly mentioned that Mr. Gandolfini apologized to him a few minutes later. If you just watched Beck’s opening segment you would think Gandolfini was himself a ‘Devil’, instead of just a person who said something without thinking.

So now we come full circle to Beck being the one to bring children into politics, and he looks like quite the hypocrite. It is understood that Beck is just an average person, but, to many people, he is a beacon of hope for American values and millions of people respect his word. But with that kind of influence over people he now has many enemies and can no longer afford to be just an average person, he needs to be more. He needs to be spotless because every mistake will be magnified and expanded. There is a very large group of people in the world out to literally destroy him. A group that does not watch him, nor can they rationally explain why they hate him, but they do and they will do everything they can to destroy him

An actual Facebook group has been started called ‘Glenn Beck raped a girl’, for no other reason except to tarnish Glenn Beck and get this slander out into the informational blood stream. This is the worst kind of political cynicism and propoganda but, unfortunately, it is the atmosphere of the day. So if Glenn Beck wants to stick around and keep his legitimacy and possible legacy (the Tea Party, the 9-12 Project, etc.), he needs to become an angel and think long and hard before he says something off-hand.
There are Jokers that monitor his every word and relish the thought of discrediting this White Knight.

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