Let’s All Go Burn Some!

by The Cultural Communist

The Cultural CommunistHello Everyone! My name is the Cultural Communist and I am here to talk to you today about burning books! Not just any books though the kind with religious implications…like possible holy war religious implications! Now before I go any farther I guess I better explain exactly what my title as Cultural Communist means. As defined by my own brain a Cultural Communist is a person working to destroy cultural norms so as to bring about a higher more intellectual culture. And today I’ve put my fingers to this keyboard in order to talk to all you good boys and girls about Quran burning! I was surfing the internet super highway today when this news article struck my eye.

More on The Quaran Burning Controversy

Now, you don’t have to read that whole big article to keep reading mine I just put it there to give you an idea of how popular Mr. Terry Jones has gotten. You’d think with all this press he would have to be related to Jerry Jones. Strangely however that isn’t the case. Instead this Jones is popular for deciding to burn Qurans on September 11th of this year.

So popular, in fact, that even Angeline Jolie herself spoke out against him. Now that is good press! I wonder who his publicist is because I should probably hire them since it’s likely no one will read this, but I digress. In the media Mr. Jones is being portrayed as a CrAzY ReLiGiOuS FrEaK! I mean he must be crazy if he is going to buy hundreds of Qurans and then just burn them. I don’t think this is going to be a very profitable endeavor unless of course he charges people ridiculously expensive admission to the event and sells hotdogs at ten times normal price….yes I’m looking at you National Football League.

The true story here and the one I, the Cultural Communist, have a beef with is…well…that it is a story at all. Maybe I’m crazy but it seems pretty strange that a crazy Christian shows up just in time to draw attention away from the Ground Zero Mosque story. Now jumping to that story for one second I once more have to ask what made that such an interesting story. Muslim’s wish to promote togetherness and it rips the country apart. I have to think that the Mosque started with the best intentions and was used as a political tool – Just as Mr. Jones is nothing more than A Pawn in THEIR Game, to quote good old Bob Dylan. On that note isn’t it funny that the prude man who couldn’t understand the counter culture in “Ballad of a Thin Man” was also named Mr. Jones?

Back to the matter at hand! This man has an American right to burn books! If one can go out and set fire to the American flag then why can’t one go out and set fire to the Quran? It’s called Free Speech and love it or hate it you have to respect it. Yet something deep inside tells me that if I announced tomorrow that I would be burning hundreds of Bibles the same people that care so much about those Qurans would no longer care about my Bibles.

Do you want to know why that is? It’s because the media is at war. One side is controlled by one party and the other by another and so each side drums up controversy to suit their agenda. One side brings up a Ground Zero Mosque and the other fires back with a Quran burning Christian to paint America as a bunch of Bible thumbing nuts. The only problem with this is that the Media is:

    • A. Hurting Muslim Americans for news, and


    B. Drumming up hatred of America overseas which will only fuel our extremist enemies.

So what, my droogies, is the answer?
The Cultural Communist doesn’t truly know. But I’ll take a gander at it. How about the media covers stories of pressing concern!

Hurricanes? Hell Yes!
Serial Killers? Damn Straight!
How about Political news? Absolutely!
Crazy pastor who only has fifty people in his congregation and plans to burn books? Local news…maybe.

Now to really play with your heads. I am totally appalled that anyone would knowingly destroy the written word. Kind of makes me think of Fahrenheit 451, or 1984. This is a country where we let Nazis march…so I think we have to let this guy burn his books, and maybe the easiest solution is one parents tell their children to use on bullies – IGNORE HIM! You give someone power when you throw him into the national spotlight!


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