Nuclear Proliferation is for Superman!

by The Cultural Communist

The Cultural CommunistHi Friends! It’s the un-widely read Cultural Communist again. Let’s just ignore the fact that the link to this article will probably go out to about ten people and of those ten people two will read it, and we all know who those two will be……Ric and Caso.

Anyway I won’t drudge on about how ignorance and apathy are killing America, or even how young artists need some encouragement every now and then to keep going. No, friends I am here to discuss something all together more serious…NUCLEAR WARRRRRRR.

Where is Matthew Broderick when you need him? War Games? Come on people you need to watch more movies if you don’t get that one!

Anyway, one of the big things I keep hearing President Obama drone on about is reducing the nuclear stock pile. Does anyone besides me realize how stupid this is? Sure, you damn hippies will feel friendlier when you announce to foreigners that you come from the United States, but does it really do anything? The only things I see that it does is make us look weaker!

Do we need 5,113 nuclear warheads? Of course not!
Do people fear messing with us with 5,113 Nuclear Warheads? HELL YES!

I mean, really, even with this new reduction plan, we are still going to keep just the right amount of nukes to kill off vitually all life on Earth anyway. So, as many football coaches say; “Go big or go home!”

And then there is the amount of nuclear waste that is going to be created by dismantling the nuclear weapons, what becomes of that? It’s not like we can recycle it…or can we? Perhaps a new era of atomic-pro-green Supermen is in our future!

Why, you may ask, does the title of this article involve Superman? What possible connection can be made between nuclear war and Superman? Quite a few, actually. The first is that Superman was nearly killed by a nuclear weapon in The Dark Knight Returns. Secondly, and much more importantly, is that there exists a movie from the 1980s called Superman IV – The Quest for Peace. In it Superman tosses all of the world’s nuclear weapons into the sun.

But here’s the big problem with that scenario – even if Superman himself gathered every weapon on earth and tossed them into the sun, WE CAN BUILD MORE! For all of you people that think ridding the world of guns is the way to go, you need to realize that the information to build them is at our fingertips. I’m no gun expert, but I’m fairly confident I could create a make-shift one with the right tools. While the same same isn’t necessarily true for something as complex as a nuclear weapons, the principle remains the same. I may not be able to build one, but governments or shady organizations that really want them could! So once again, I must ask – why not just keep our’s around to intimidate or deter? We would never be able to use them all anyway!

Personally, I think this is all part of a bigger scheme that the Obama Administration is using. I’ll deem it, the “slight of hand.” If this was a card trick, they’d have you paying close attention to the “noble” goal of dismantling the nuclear stockpile, while quietly implementing something altogether different without anyone noticing. Call me cynical, if you will, but I’d admire him if he were a magician and not the most power politician on Earth with his finger on the button of, well, our nuclear stockpile.

I also think think touches on the biggest problem of the Obama presidency. When he was elected, he was seen as the messiah, a God, a…”Superman”. But the unfortunate reality is that President Obama is just a man who happens to come from the most crooked political town in the United States, Chicago. It even out-does Washington, in my opinion. And whether it be the tactics of radicals like Sol Alinsky, thugs like Mayor Dailey, or mobsters like Sam Giancana, who had had graveyards full of votes delivered for John F. Kennedy, the “slight of hand” is embedded in every Chicago politician. Why would we think this one would be immune?

Luckily for the United States, we have so many informed citizens who would never fall for…wait a second! It was the top story on Yahoo yesterday? Oh shit, We’re doomed!

Here I come, Canada – Oh CANADA!!! Well, maybe I’ll stick around just to see if that evil-genius priest has anymore strange ideas as to how to stop the Ground Zero mosque from being built (see my previous article for more details on this). Then again, Canada gave the world the fantastic power-trio, Rush. Hmm, tough decision – I’ll get back to you on that.

In the mean time, don’t flock around like sheep and WAKE UP! My “Cultural Revolution” can’t happen if you’re all eating out of some politician’s hand! Any Politicians hand! Because, guess what? They are only people!

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