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  • In Defense of Odell Beckham Jr. (12/22/15)- by J.D. Cook NOTE: This article is a special blend of Giants Blog and Tuesday Morning Tailback by J.D. Cook.
  • More of the Same? (09/14/15)- by J.D.Cook It’s been a rough couple of years since the Giants were last in the Superbowl. First we failed
  • If I Was Commissioner (01/27/15)- by Tuesday Morning Tailback Special guest post by J.D. Cook The League seems to be in a constant state of
  • Giants 2014 Season Wrap Up (12/29/14)- by: J.D. Cook There is only so much one person can write about a losing season. I learned this truth
  • Seahawks Rain on Giants (11/09/14)- by J.D. Cook The Seahawks looked terrible in the rain this week. Russell Wilson couldn’t complete a pass and their
  • Brutal Truths (11/04/14)- by J.D. Cook, guest “Tailback” I like to think of the Tuesday Morning Tailback as a feature that says the
  • Sue Jerry Jones (10/19/14)- by J.D. Cook I’ve seen this game before. That’s why I started writing this in the 3rd quarter. Once Larry
  • New York Comic Con 2014 (10/16/14)- by J.D. Cook This article can now be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com. But check out
  • Zero Offense (10/15/14)- by: J. D. Cook It’s taken me a few days to fully digest Sunday night’s abysmal loss to the Philadelphia
  • Giants Kirk those Fal-KHANS (10/05/14)- by J.D. Cook Some consistency is a nice thing! After two straight wins we’ve now won 3 games and are
  • Giants Kick Ass (09/26/14)- by: J.D. Cook It’s nice to be right but sometimes it’s better to be wrong. I predicted this week’s game
  • Gotham Debut is Suprisingly Good (09/22/14)- by: J.D. Cook I must admit I was very skeptical of whether a pre-Batman Gotham based T.V. series would work.
  • 1st Giant Win (09/21/14)- by: J.D. Cook Last week I sang the praises of the New York Giants for their respectable loss to the
  • Don’t Panic (09/14/14)- by: J.D. Cook It was a loss but it was a respectable and well fought loss. There is a big
  • Happy One Year Anniversary Susquehanna Comics (09/11/14)- by: J. D. Cook Yesterday  Susquehanna Comics, located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, turned one year old! Which means one year ago
  • Light Blue Lions Eat Blue Giants (09/08/14)- by: J.D. Cook Well another season has started for Big Blue but the first game went to the team dressed
  • Aliens (with Beer) (08/17/14)- by J.D. Cook It’s been ages since I’ve reviewed a live event but I just felt compelled to spread the
  • Fear Agent: Remender’s Magnum Opus (07/31/14)- by: J.D. Cook This article can now be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com.   Until Next
  • Zero Year Ends (07/24/14)- by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com   Past Comic Book Commentaries Marvel’s Recent
  • Marvel’s Recent Diversification (07/17/14)- by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com Past Comic Book Commentaries X-Men: Days of
  • X-Men: Days of Future Awesome (07/10/14)- by: J.D. Cook This article can be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com Past Comic Book Commentaries
  • Agents of Shield: Season Wrap Up (06/14/14)- by: J.D. Cook The final two episodes of Agents of Shield really put a great cap on what was a
  • The Entity Outside Mr. Baker’s Window (06/01/14)- by: J.D. Cook     photo by: Jacob Albano The team of investigators stood around Mr. Baker’s bed ready for anything. Each
  • Snap Shots of my Dog’s Life (05/29/14)- by J.D. Cook Dozer was not man’s best friend He was my best friend. I picked him out the day
  • Why I Looked Up to Cyclops (05/22/14)- by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com   Past Comic Book Commentaries Captain America:
  • Agents of Shield: Nothing Personal (04/30/14)- by J.D. Cook This Article has been infiltrated by SPOILERS compliments of HYDRA! Well Agents of Shield hasn’t taken its
  • Agents of Shield: The Only Light in the Darkness (04/23/14)- by: J.D. Cook Agent’s of Surprises! Ok well maybe the episode didn’t have that many twists and turns but it
  • Agents of Shield: Providence (04/14/14)- by: J.D. Cook Agents of Shield is gaining speed as it heads to it’s climax and we finally know who
  • Agents of Shield: Turn, Turn, Turn (04/09/14)- by J.D. Cook I reallyyy feel bad for those people who lost interest in Agents of Shield when it was
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (04/05/14)- by J.D. Cook The second Captain America is an astounding improvement over the first entry. The first film had glimmers
  • Agents of Shield: End of the Begining (04/02/14)- by J.D. Cook Considering Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out this Friday it is not surprising at all that
  • Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron (03/18/14)- by J.D. Cook Alright so there was no new episode of Agents of Shield but there was one HUGE reveal
  • The Walking Dead: Show VS Comic (03/12/14)- by J.D. Cook I have been meaning to write an article about the Walking Dead in some form or another
  • Agents of Shield: Yes Men (03/11/14)- by J.D. Cook I have said it before but I am saying it again, Agents of Shield has definitely hit
  • The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic (03/08/14)- by J.D. Cook This week my Comic Book Commentary is magnetized to a brand new series that started this past
  • Agents of Shield: T.A.H.I.T.I. (03/06/14)- by J.D. Cook Sometimes an actor can just step on a set and elevate an entire show. That’s pretty much
  • The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy (02/27/14)- by J.D. Cook James Gunn Favorited our article, so you know it’s good! @Guardians @JamesGunn @Marvel Did this short write
  • Ghostbusters 2 (02/25/14)- by J.D. Cook This article has a new home at www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Game Reviews 02/24/14 – Ghostbusters 02/15/14 –
  • Ghostbusters (02/24/14)- by J.D. Cook This article has a new home at www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Game Reviews 02/15/14 – The Last of
  • Dies Iries (02/16/14)- by J.D. Cook 1 The water was calm, the sky was grayish white, and Paul was tired. Weather like this
  • Mass Effect Comics: A Rundown (02/13/14)- by J.D. Cook I am a huge Mass Effect fan. I have been since I first rented the game from
  • Batman Beats the Marvel Universe (02/10/14)- by J.D. Cook Alright so maybe the title isn’t exactly accurate. According to numbers released byDiamond Comic Distributors, Inc. last
  • Astonishing X-Men Got It Right (02/06/14)- by J.D. Cook While going through my comics today, in preparation for an upcoming move, I got to lovingly re-examine
  • Agents of Shield: T.R.A.C.K.S. (02/04/14)- by J.D. Cook I have been a fairly staunch defender of Agents of Shield in its first season. Many of
  • Stuper Bowl XLVIII (02/04/14)- by J.D. Cook Well Superbowl Sunday came and went in anti-climactic fashion. Anyone who watched the game knows just how
  • The Dark Knight Falls to Batman Begins (01/30/14)- by J.D. Cook Batman Begins is unequivocally better than the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight Rises. There after many
  • That Pro Bowl Sucked (01/27/14)- by Tuesday Morning Tailback OK, full disclosure. I didn’t really watch the Pro Bowl. At least no more than five
  • Gem Awards Annnounce Top Comics for 2013 (01/24/14)- by J.D. Cook Another year has ended and you all know what that means!? AWARDS SEASON! Ok, so maybe Comic
  • Brave New Worlds Comics (01/23/14)- by J.D. Cook Alright Readers, the moment you have all been waiting for is here at last, the number 1
  • Cosmic Comics (01/16/14)- by J.D. Cook Cosmic Comics is the 2nd best comic book store in all of Eastern Pennsylvania. Although much like
  • Agents of Shield: Seeds (01/15/14)- by J.D. Cook Well luckily I found a way to watch last week’s episode of Agents of Shield ‘The Magical
  • Susquehanna Comics (01/09/14)- by J.D. Cook Nestled between the various fine eateries and state offices of Strawberry Square in downtown Harrisburg you can
  • Agents of Shield: The Magical Place (01/08/14)- by J.D. Cook Unfortunately due to dinner engagements and a trip to Manhattan  I was unable to see the new
  • Golden Unicorn Comics (01/02/14)- by J.D. Cook The 4th best Comic Book store in Eastern Pennsylvania is called Golden Unicorn Comics and much like
  • Ugly Season Ends in Beautiful Victory (12/29/13)- by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 20 Washington Redskins 6 When football is played in ugly, nasty, horrible weather it
  • Happy ‘Comic Book’ Holidays (12/26/13)- by J.D. Cook Today’s Comic Book Commentary will unfortunately be a bit short due to the Holidays but I do
  • Christmas in Detroit (12/22/13)- by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 23 Detroit Lions 20 23-20 is a historic score for the New York
  • Eon Viant (12/19/13)- by J.D. Cook The best part about reviewing comic books is that people occasionally send me stuff I get REALLY
  • How to Get in the Christmas Spirit (12/18/13)- by J.D. Cook Every year I wait around expecting to suddenly be hit with ‘all that good will towards men’
  • Time for a Post-Season Purge (12/15/13)- by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 0 Seattle Seahawks 23 The Giants certainly had a chance to upset the
  • Red Branch Publications ‘Cascade’ (12/12/13)- by J.D. Cook I was recently given the delightful task of reviewing Red Branch Publications’ Cascade. It is an old

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