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  • More of the Same? (09/14/15) - by J.D.Cook It’s been a rough couple of years since the Giants were last in the Superbowl. First we failed to qualify for the playoffs with a winning record of 9-7 in 2012. Then we had our first losing season in eight years in 2013. Finally things looked like they hit rock bottom last year(...)
  • If I Was Commissioner (01/27/15) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Special guest post by J.D. Cook The League seems to be in a constant state of controversy lately. Whether it’s Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson or the recent “deflategate”, we can’t help but think the Tuesday Morning Tailback would be more suited to run the league then those in power at the(...)
  • Giants 2014 Season Wrap Up (12/29/14) - by: J.D. Cook There is only so much one person can write about a losing season. I learned this truth last year when I blogged about the Giants entire losing season. It was kept interesting by the fact that although we started poorly, we went on a late season run at the playoffs that came(...)
  • Seahawks Rain on Giants (11/09/14) - by J.D. Cook The Seahawks looked terrible in the rain this week. Russell Wilson couldn’t complete a pass and their running backs were fumbling up and down the field. So all I have to say is the Giants lost to this terrible team to illustrate just how bad they are playing this year. The Positives(...)
  • Brutal Truths (11/04/14) - by J.D. Cook, guest “Tailback” I like to think of the Tuesday Morning Tailback as a feature that says the things that sports journalists cannot. On Big Blue Bullfrog, we aren’t bound by political correctness, donations or trends! We just tell it like it is. So here are some brutal truths and opinions that you(...)
  • Sue Jerry Jones (10/19/14) - by J.D. Cook I’ve seen this game before. That’s why I started writing this in the 3rd quarter. Once Larry Donnell fumbled and Dallas turned it into a touchdown it was clear this game was over. It’s really frustrating that the Giants keep falling into the same narrative stretching back to last year at least.(...)
  • New York Comic Con 2014 (10/16/14) - by J.D. Cook This article can now be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com. But check out this gallery of photos from the event while you’re here. Past Comic Book Commentaries Happy One Year Anniversary Susquehanna Comics Fear Agent: Remender’s Magnum Opus Zero Year Ends Marvel’s Recent Diversification X-Men: Days of Future(...)
  • Zero Offense (10/15/14) - by: J. D. Cook It’s taken me a few days to fully digest Sunday night’s abysmal loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The lack of scoring coupled with the loss of Victor Cruz is enough to send any fan into a minor writing coma. Thankfully I’ve recovered…but things still look bleak. The Positives We’ve already gotten(...)
  • Giants Kirk those Fal-KHANS (10/05/14) - by J.D. Cook Some consistency is a nice thing! After two straight wins we’ve now won 3 games and are heading into a huge division clash with the Philadelphia Eagles. Division match ups are hard to predict but the Eagles are the current top dogs and how we play against them will be a measure(...)
  • Giants Kick Ass (09/26/14) - by: J.D. Cook It’s nice to be right but sometimes it’s better to be wrong. I predicted this week’s game against the Redskins would be the Giants first victory of the season. Well I was wrong. The victory was the Giants second and brought their record to two wins and two losses. The Positives Everything?(...)
  • Gotham Debut is Suprisingly Good (09/22/14) - by: J.D. Cook I must admit I was very skeptical of whether a pre-Batman Gotham based T.V. series would work. On the surface I just didn’t feel like the characters would work without Batman at the center. That said I decided to sit through the pilot because I didn’t want to write something off without(...)
  • 1st Giant Win (09/21/14) - by: J.D. Cook Last week I sang the praises of the New York Giants for their respectable loss to the Arizona Cardinals. My argument was simple; the loss to the Cardinals could be built on. The New York Giants did just that trouncing the Houston Texans handily this week. I’m almost ashamed to say I(...)
  • Don’t Panic (09/14/14) - by: J.D. Cook It was a loss but it was a respectable and well fought loss. There is a big difference between last week’s blowout loss to the Lions and this week’s close loss to the Cardinals. Obviously a loss is a loss at the end of the day but I have confidence we can(...)
  • Happy One Year Anniversary Susquehanna Comics (09/11/14) - by: J. D. Cook Yesterday  Susquehanna Comics, located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, turned one year old! Which means one year ago today I walked in for the first time through a happy mistake while waiting to take a test for a job. Not too long after I moved within driving distance and then walking distance. The(...)
  • Light Blue Lions Eat Blue Giants (09/08/14) - by: J.D. Cook Well another season has started for Big Blue but the first game went to the team dressed in Light Blue. I am speaking of the Detroit Lions, who avenged their late season loss to Big Blue last year.  The Giants were large underdogs in this game but I had hope for our(...)
  • Aliens (with Beer) (08/17/14) - by J.D. Cook It’s been ages since I’ve reviewed a live event but I just felt compelled to spread the word about my recent trip to a local theater. It’s called the Midtown Cinema and it’s located on Riley Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As part of downtown Harrisburg’s 3rd in the Burg festival the theater(...)
  • Fear Agent: Remender’s Magnum Opus (07/31/14) - by: J.D. Cook This article can now be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com.   Until Next Week! Past Comic Book Commentaries Zero Year Ends Marvel’s Recent Diversification X-Men: Days of Future Awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic The History of the Guardians of the(...)
  • Zero Year Ends (07/24/14) - by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com   Past Comic Book Commentaries Marvel’s Recent Diversification X-Men: Days of Future Awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy    (...)
  • Marvel’s Recent Diversification (07/17/14) - by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com Past Comic Book Commentaries X-Men: Days of Future Awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mass Effect Comics: A Rundown  (...)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Awesome (07/10/14) - by: J.D. Cook This article can be found at it’s new home on Comics Movies Games.com Past Comic Book Commentaries Captain America: The Winter Soldier Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mass Effect Comics: A Rundown The Top 4(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Season Wrap Up (06/14/14) - by: J.D. Cook The final two episodes of Agents of Shield really put a great cap on what was a great show for the most part. Yes it started a bit slow but as I said back then. It had to develop its characters! Would Deathlok mean as much to us as viewers if we(...)
  • The Entity Outside Mr. Baker’s Window (06/01/14) - by: J.D. Cook     photo by: Jacob Albano The team of investigators stood around Mr. Baker’s bed ready for anything. Each one had their own reasons for dedicating themselves to this line of work. Doug knew he had seen a demon in a blue cape with yellow skin whilst attending summer camp as a young man.(...)
  • Snap Shots of my Dog’s Life (05/29/14) - by J.D. Cook Dozer was not man’s best friend He was my best friend. I picked him out the day after he was born because, out of his litter, he was the adventurous one who climbed all over me while I sat down with them. He was the offspring of two pure bred huskies making(...)
  • Why I looked up to Cyclops (05/22/14) - by J.D. Cook This article has a new home on Comics Movies Games.com   Past Comic Book Commentaries Captain America: The Winter Soldier Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mass Effect Comics: A Rundown The Top 4 Comic Stores(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Nothing Personal (04/30/14) - by J.D. Cook This Article has been infiltrated by SPOILERS compliments of HYDRA! Well Agents of Shield hasn’t taken its foot off the gas yet! This week’s episode was probably Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) best showing as a character. She resourcefully trapped and played Ward (Brett Dalton) successfully escaping from him…only to be caught by Deathlok(...)
  • Agents of Shield: The Only Light in the Darkness (04/23/14) - by: J.D. Cook Agent’s of Surprises! Ok well maybe the episode didn’t have that many twists and turns but it was full of narrative driven goodness! We got to see the Cellist (Amy Aker) Coulson (Clark Gregg) mentioned way back in the Avengers! Doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now? Time sure is full(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Providence (04/14/14) - by: J.D. Cook Agents of Shield is gaining speed as it heads to it’s climax and we finally know who that pesky Clairvoyant is! Turns out he was none other than Bill Paxton’s Hydra turncoat Agent Garrett. I have to say I was just as disappointed as the Girl with the Flower Dress, Raina (Ruth(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Turn, Turn, Turn (04/09/14) - by J.D. Cook I reallyyy feel bad for those people who lost interest in Agents of Shield when it was still developing. All of the character building and villain creation has finally led us to the Agents of Shield we all signed up for. As I have said countless times before, trust in Joss Whedon!(...)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (04/05/14) - by J.D. Cook The second Captain America is an astounding improvement over the first entry. The first film had glimmers of greatness before floundering in its last act. This film keeps the pedal on the gas through the entire ride and just gets better until its climatic end. It’s also got an insightful commentary hidden(...)
  • Agents of Shield: End of the Begining (04/02/14) - by J.D. Cook Considering Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out this Friday it is not surprising at all that connections abound between it and Agents of Shield. I have a feeling these episodes will be a lot more tied to this film then they were to Thor: The Dark World. The plot of Cap(...)
  • Huge Revelation for Avengers: Age of Ultron (03/18/14) - by J.D. Cook Alright so there was no new episode of Agents of Shield but there was one HUGE reveal for Avengers: Age of Ultron and apparently a lot of people missed it. Spoilers Below! It’s the Hulkbuster Armor! (pictured above) This is obviously the armor Iron Man dons when he wants to battle the(...)
  • The Walking Dead: Show VS Comic (03/12/14) - by J.D. Cook I have been meaning to write an article about the Walking Dead in some form or another for ages now. I just never seemed to find the time but thankfully this week I was in need of a subject for my newest Comic Book Commentary and just finished Compendium Two of the(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Yes Men (03/11/14) - by J.D. Cook I have said it before but I am saying it again, Agents of Shield has definitely hit it’s stride. I loved last week’s race to save Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) life but this episode upped the ante by bringing down an Asgardian. Two Asgardian’s actually! First came the evil Lorelei (Elena Satine), with the power(...)
  • The First Issue of Magneto is Magnetic (03/08/14) - by J.D. Cook This week my Comic Book Commentary is magnetized to a brand new series that started this past Wednesday. I am of course talking about Magneto by Cullen Bunn. The first issue of the series drew my attention for a number of reasons but two were bigger than the others. The first was(...)
  • Agents of Shield: T.A.H.I.T.I. (03/06/14) - by J.D. Cook Sometimes an actor can just step on a set and elevate an entire show. That’s pretty much how I felt when Bill Paxton showed up in Agents of Shield this week. It was almost like Bill Paxton wasn’t even present and he just became his tough as nails character. Maybe one of(...)
  • The History of the Guardians of the Galaxy (02/27/14) - by J.D. Cook James Gunn Favorited our article, so you know it’s good! @Guardians @JamesGunn @Marvel Did this short write up on the history of the Guardians of the Galaxy! http://t.co/wTRYZMsYCE — Big Blue Bullfrog (@BigBlueBullfrog) February 28, 2014 Long ago back when I was still in college a good friend of mine told me(...)
  • Ghostbusters 2 (02/25/14) - by J.D. Cook This article has a new home at www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Game Reviews 02/24/14 – Ghostbusters 02/15/14 – The Last of Us: Left Behind 02/07/14 – The Lego Movie 01/14/14 – Lego: Lord of the Rings 01/08/14 – American Hustle Article from Around the Web ZergNet
  • Ghostbusters (02/24/14) - by J.D. Cook This article has a new home at www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Game Reviews 02/15/14 – The Last of Us: Left Behind 02/07/14 – The Lego Movie 01/14/14 – Lego: Lord of the Rings 01/08/14 – American Hustle 07/23/13 – Pacific Rim Article from Around the Web ZergNet
  • Dies Iries (02/16/14) - by J.D. Cook 1 The water was calm, the sky was grayish white, and Paul was tired. Weather like this always made him groggy. He slouched down on the bench of the Staten Island Ferry with exhaustion. The benches were surprisingly comfortable, in spite of carrying what looked like a painful wood panel design in(...)
  • Mass Effect Comics: A Rundown (02/13/14) - by J.D. Cook I am a huge Mass Effect fan. I have been since I first rented the game from Blockbuster way back in 2007. I was immediately drawn into the game because it was extremely similar to a story I had come up with a few months before. Except that this game took my(...)
  • Batman Beats the Marvel Universe (02/10/14) - by J.D. Cook Alright so maybe the title isn’t exactly accurate. According to numbers released byDiamond Comic Distributors, Inc. last Friday, Batman #27 by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo was the top selling single comic book issue for the month of January. As a big fan of Snyder and Capullo’s run on the(...)
  • Astonishing X-Men Got It Right (02/06/14) - by J.D. Cook While going through my comics today, in preparation for an upcoming move, I got to lovingly re-examine my favorite comic arc of all time, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. It got me thinking of what made the series so good when compared to the contemporary X-Men comics of today and I came up(...)
  • Agents of Shield: T.R.A.C.K.S. (02/04/14) - by J.D. Cook I have been a fairly staunch defender of Agents of Shield in its first season. Many of my friends have already abandoned ship but I stayed on deck as it took a hiatus, returned for two episodes, and then went on another hiatus. I  even stood by it through the episodes where(...)
  • Stuper Bowl XLVIII (02/04/14) - by J.D. Cook Well Superbowl Sunday came and went in anti-climactic fashion. Anyone who watched the game knows just how one sided and boring the game was for football fans. In the modern era of football where we have 2 weeks of build up for the Super Bowl it really is quite a let down(...)
  • The Dark Knight Falls to Batman Begins (01/30/14) - by J.D. Cook Batman Begins is unequivocally better than the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight Rises. There after many years of secretly holding this view it is finally out for the entire world to loathe. Don’t worry though; I shall explain. First I will start by eliminating the 3rd film from contention for the(...)
  • That Pro Bowl Sucked (01/27/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback OK, full disclosure. I didn’t really watch the Pro Bowl. At least no more than five minutes of it. But within those five minutes I must have heard Chris Collinsworth spout three different times how this was the “best Pro Bowl he’s seen in years”. And this was still in the(...)
  • Gem Awards Annnounce Top Comics for 2013 (01/24/14) - by J.D. Cook Another year has ended and you all know what that means!? AWARDS SEASON! Ok, so maybe Comic Books don’t get the whole red carpet treatment but Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. has brought Comic Retailers together to decide what kind of awards should go to who this year. The categories range from Top(...)
  • Brave New Worlds Comics (01/23/14) - by J.D. Cook Alright Readers, the moment you have all been waiting for is here at last, the number 1 comic store in Eastern Pennsylvania! Without further ado the winner is…Brave New Worlds in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not only is it named after the fantastic book by Aldous Huxley but unlike the last two comic stores(...)
  • Cosmic Comics (01/16/14) - by J.D. Cook Cosmic Comics is the 2nd best comic book store in all of Eastern Pennsylvania. Although much like the 3rd best comic store on this list, Susquehanna Comics, it’s really located more in lower Central Pennsylvania. This store has a huge amount of back issues as well as a large number of amazing(...)
  • Agents of Shield: Seeds (01/15/14) - by J.D. Cook Well luckily I found a way to watch last week’s episode of Agents of Shield ‘The Magical Place’ before this week’s premiere because it was pretty awesome. At first I didn’t think the idea of spending an episode at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy would be interesting in the slightest but I was pleasantly surprised.(...)
  • Susquehanna Comics (01/09/14) - by J.D. Cook Nestled between the various fine eateries and state offices of Strawberry Square in downtown Harrisburg you can find a little store with a singular purpose. The selling of those fabled magazines we call comic books. I was in Strawberry Square one day for a completely separate purpose when I first spotted the(...)
  • Agents of Shield: The Magical Place (01/08/14) - by J.D. Cook Unfortunately due to dinner engagements and a trip to Manhattan  I was unable to see the new episode of Agents of Shield during its regular air time at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Now usually this is not a very big problem as the show has been free to watch on both ABC.com(...)
  • Golden Unicorn Comics (01/02/14) - by J.D. Cook The 4th best Comic Book store in Eastern Pennsylvania is called Golden Unicorn Comics and much like its namesake it is an elusive mystery. I once lost this store for six months or more. It just up and ran away from the location it had been in for most of my life.(...)
  • Ugly Season Ends in Beautiful Victory (12/29/13) - by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 20 Washington Redskins 6 When football is played in ugly, nasty, horrible weather it is nothing short of beautiful! My favorite foul weather to see a football game take place in is snow. Since the temperature today was a bit too high I got to watch a dreary cold(...)
  • Happy ‘Comic Book’ Holidays (12/26/13) - by J.D. Cook Today’s Comic Book Commentary will unfortunately be a bit short due to the Holidays but I do have an announcement for the coming weeks! I will be doing a countdown of the Top 5 Comic Book Stores in Pennsylvania. I may also follow that up with a countdown of the 5 best(...)
  • Christmas in Detroit (12/22/13) - by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 23 Detroit Lions 20 23-20 is a historic score for the New York Giants. That was the very score they defeated the Green Bay Packers by in the 2007 N.F.C. Championship Game. It was also the score they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles by when I saw them live(...)
  • Eon Viant (12/19/13) - by J.D. Cook The best part about reviewing comic books is that people occasionally send me stuff I get REALLY excited about. This was the case with Eon Viant.  The story follows a crack team of soldiers before focusing in on the main character Gabriel Honor. He is a man with a nearly unlimited amount(...)
  • How to Get in the Christmas Spirit (12/18/13) - by J.D. Cook Every year I wait around expecting to suddenly be hit with ‘all that good will towards men’ and ‘holiday magic’ that is so famous in Christmas movies. Unfortunately I’ve learned, as countless other children becoming adults before me have, that getting into the Christmas Spirit is much harder as you get older.(...)
  • Time for a Post-Season Purge (12/15/13) - by J.D. Cook Final Score: NY Giants 0 Seattle Seahawks 23 The Giants certainly had a chance to upset the Seattle Seahawks today. Unfortunately the offense did not show up. I think it is time for Kevil Gilbride to go. He’s certainly been a good Offensive Coordinator in his lengthy tenure with the New York(...)
  • Red Branch Publications ‘Cascade’ (12/12/13) - by J.D. Cook I was recently given the delightful task of reviewing Red Branch Publications’ Cascade. It is an old school horror story that involves a Native America curse a young couple and a redneck ex-boyfriend. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg for this story but I do not want to spoil anything(...)
  • Agents of Shield: The Bridge (12/11/13) - by J.D. Cook Agents of Shield has been a very hit or miss television show in its first season. It is somewhat to be expected as the creators are trying to see what works and does not work for the show. So far I’d say there have been three excellent episodes that hit on all(...)

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2000s Articles

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07/21/08 – The Dark Night   Movie Review
05/29/08 – Indiana Jones 4   Movie Review
03/31/08 – Gods and Men   Short Story
02/11/08 – There Will Be Oscars!   Event Review
08/22/07 – A Wrong Decision   Short Story

J.D. Cook


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