The Abortion Debate

March 8, 2012
By The Cultural Communist

Philosopher's StoneLet’s talk about sex! It’s pretty fun. Yup enjoyable, but if you aren’t smart about it problems can arise. Sexually transmitted diseases and babies will be flying all around the room if you are overly promiscuous. On a side note, I think that may prove to humanity that ethical foundations can be found in nature. For example, being overly promiscuous may lead to S.T.D.’s. Is nature or some divine plan trying to tell humans something; perhaps that monogamy is the right way to fly? That is neither here nor there though. Back to the point of this article – abortion.

Before I go on, I will admit my personal bias. About a year or so ago, I ventured up the courage to ask my mother why she decided to have me. She was young at the time and a child certainly wouldn’t have been the easiest thing for her to handle.  Her response was blunt and honest. It was past the point where she could abort when she found out about me. So, in essence, if abortion was a happy easy little affair, I would not exist. That’s the kicker about abortion that many ignore – you are literally snuffing out the potential for a new life.

Philosophically, it seems clear to me that abortion is in contrast to everything on which America stands. The Declaration of Independence states man’s inalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It seems to me abortion stands in extremely stark contrast to these rights – it destroys all of them in one deadly swipe of the scythe. Not to mention, the persons destined to cure cancer or bring about world peace may never be born due to abortion.

Now for a quick side trek! Once I was talking about this subject and a girl nearby told me I could not have an opinion on abortion because I did not have ovaries (can you say sexist?) I can – SEXIST! Sorry had to get that off my chest. I understand a man cannot carry a child, but the genetic material in the child is still half his. And what if I were to turn that around from another perspective? What if I turned back on her and said she could not talk about abortion because she was not a victim of abortion? Her mother chose life. That would be quite absurd, wouldn’t it? But this argument has been an effective tool for quelling debate on the subject.

Let’s put a new baby in context. Imagine a fetus is grown in a test tube. Everything else is normal about it except it goes through term in a lab.  Now would the father be able to have an opinion on whether that child lives or dies? Food for thought for my philosophical thinkers!

Moving back to the pro-abortion arguments; those who say that young folks can’t handle kids are ignoring a huge fact. IT IS NOT HARD TO PREVENT PREGNACY! Wear a condom! Get on birth control! If you want to have sex you have to understand that with the pleasures of the flesh come the responsibilities of the flesh. Condoms are an extremely affordable option and are extremely effective against stopping pregnancy! So if you want to have sex, do not be an idiot, use protection! I have little sympathy for someone who has sex irresponsibly and then complains when a baby arrives with the stork (figuratively).

Rape is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing. It is directly behind murder as the worst sin a human can commit. It violates a human being on every level possible and perverts the sexual union which should be a fun and pleasurable experience. That said if a baby occurs via this atrocity does it make the child of the union evil? In a world of anti-heroes it seems we would like to believe that somehow a child of rape is something no one should birth. Much like bastards were once treated with disdain, these fetuses are often the exception to those who are against abortion. People will say “I am against abortion; except in the case of rape or incest”. I myself used to subscribe to this but the truth is the fetus that comes from the act is entirely innocent of wrong doing. Should the mother who was raped raise the child? I think only a saint could raise the child without looking at it as a reminder of the rape. That is entirely understandable but isn’t it better for the child to go through foster care or be raised by another than to never exist? This is an innocent child being judged for the sins of the father he/she would never know. The child is a tabla rasa (blank slate) when it is born and must be treated as such before it is born.

What this issue comes down to – and there is no way around it – is whether or not you can morally handle killing a human being. There is no way around this. You are taking a life via abortion and any form of rationale must begin with this fact. If you kill a puppy, you are killing the dog it will grow into. So too, if you kill a fetus you are killing the human person it will grow into.

So the next time you get into an abortion debate defend the ones who can’t defend themselves.


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2 thoughts on “The Abortion Debate

  • March 11, 2012 at 6:49 am

    very well done. but you misspelled a word. you wrote tabla rasa when it’s tabula rasa


  • March 13, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Very well said my good man. As far as I’m concerned, an unborn baby, no matter what it’s called (zygote, embryo, fetus), is still an unborn BABY!

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