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November 2013

PS3 Greatest Hits features
11/19/13 – The Last of Us
11/17/13 – Mirror’s Edge
11/16/13 – Batman Arkham
11/13/13 – Red Dead Redemption
11/12/13 – Uncharted


September 2013
Top 7 Story Arcs of Venom, Vol. 2
Flash Thompson Venom

August 2013
The World’s End Annihilation Spectacular
The World's End poster

December 2012
The Twelve Films of Christmas

October 2012

Resident Evil Nutshells
10/26/12 – Resident Evil 5
10/24/12 – Resident Evil 4
10/13/12 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
10/11/12 – Resident Evil 2
10/03/12 – Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

July 2012

RISEJuly 21, 2012
The Review
J.D. Cook
How will Nolan wrap up his Batman trilogy? As usual, he does not disappoint!
Christopher NolanJuly 17, 2012
The Premiere
J.D. Cook
We saw Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and the rest of the cast at the premiere but one of our group got an extra special treat!
The Dark Night Rises posterJuly 15, 2012
The Preview
Oliver Layco
How will Nolan wrap up his Batman trilogy? Will it BREAK us? Or get us to RISE out of our seats!
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Coldplay LiveJuly 11, 2012
Coldplay Profile

May 2012

The Budget Avengers Assemble!May 5, 2012
The Avengers: A ReviewOn May 4th at Midnight, I had the distinct pleasure of viewing The Avengers with five of my closest friends.
The Avengers May 2, 2012
Why We Need The AvengersI gravitated towards super heroes from a very early age and from about the age of 3 until now I have been obsessed with them.
Avengers AssemblyApril 29, 2012
Avengers Assembly in AprilWhen I woke up on April 28th I thought to myself, “I definitely should not go into Manhattan today”. Then there was this other voice in my head; it said…SCREW THAT!
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February 2012
Top 10 Films of 2011

January 2012
Nerd Rock Feature

brentalfloss Article The Megas Article Nerd Rock Kirby Krackle The Protomen Article

December 2011

Premiere of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City on 12/14/11
Sex and Swedish People
J.D. Cook
Big Blue Bullfrog attended the world premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City on Wednesday, December 14th.
Big Blue Bullfrog Movie Review
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review
Nick Galasso
There’s a very specific brooding feel that went along with the original “Millennium Trilogy,” that is captured perfectly while dealing with very complex characters in a very convoluted story.
The 12 Songs of Christmas

October 2011

NY Comic Con - Crowd View

New York City Comic Con 2011

Day 1 – Thu. October 13th
Day 2 – Fri. October 14th
Day 3 – Sat. October 15th
Mass Effect Panel
“Hey Listen!”