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Since our founding in 2007, Big Blue Bullfrog has been a prolific publisher of entertainment articles and features. Now in 2015, we have spun off a brand new website called Comics, Movies, and Games as a dedicated site for the entertainment features which have proliferated on our site in the past. Big Blue Bullfrog will continue to cover cultural issues, NFL football, and we will re-dedicated to achieving our original mission of being “The Thinkingman’s Website”.

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  • For Me, It’s the Best Rivalry in Sports (01/11/16) - by Ric Albano Today is an anniversary. 18 years ago today, on January 11, 1998, I attended the greatest live sports event of my life. The Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers met for the AFC Championship at Three Rivers Stadium. In the crowd that day were about 58,742 Steeler fans and exactly three Bronco fans(...)
  • In Defense of Odell Beckham Jr. (12/22/15) - by J.D. Cook NOTE: This article is a special blend of Giants Blog and Tuesday Morning Tailback by J.D. Cook. It comes at an opportune time, during the week of the fifth anniversary of the very first Tuesday Morning Tailback in 2010. Football is a physical sport. The goal is to literally pound your opponent(...)
  • More of the Same? (09/14/15) - by J.D.Cook It’s been a rough couple of years since the Giants were last in the Superbowl. First we failed to qualify for the playoffs with a winning record of 9-7 in 2012. Then we had our first losing season in eight years in 2013. Finally things looked like they hit rock bottom last year(...)
  • Wild Card: The Biggest Flop of 2015? (04/08/15) - Jason Statham rarely garners any positive press from his typecast roles but no one expected the extent the damage his recent film, Wild Card would leave in its wake. Set in Las Vegas, Wild Card traipses through some of the leading casinos on the Strip and racked up a sizeable $30 million in production costs(...)
  • There’s Always a Bigger Fish (02/03/15) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback I’m going to say something positive here. The NFL has wrapped up the 2014 season and ended exactly where it should be. Now, for the negative part. This place is one of total ambiguity and integrity, held together by various flavors of bubblegum. Now, this may seem like an absurd statement(...)
  • If I Was Commissioner (01/27/15) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Special guest post by J.D. Cook The League seems to be in a constant state of controversy lately. Whether it’s Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson or the recent “deflategate”, we can’t help but think the Tuesday Morning Tailback would be more suited to run the league then those in power at the(...)
  • Kill the Monster! (01/20/15) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback It has long been my habit to criticize coaches who are ultra-conservative in critical situations. During the playoffs two years ago, I wrote the article called, Kneeling Down on the Job, where I stated that nothing is worse than a coach who doesn’t play to win. In that article, I referenced the(...)
  • The NFL is a Wreck (01/06/15) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback I didn’t realize until yesterday just how messed up it is that the NFL has their own media machine. NFL Network,, and a massive social media presence usually seems harmless enough in promoting the sport we all love, but on this day we saw where this media can be used(...)
  • Top 9 TV Shows from 2014 (12/31/14) - by Peggy Fay Albano 2014 was a fairly good year for TV shows and I’ve decided to put together a little year-end, Top 9 list of my favorites this year. One omission I’d like to point out is Boardwalk Empire, which unfortunately, I missed during this last final (hence, it didn’t make this list). Still,(...)
  • 14 Things About 2014 (12/30/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback As the 2014 regular season ends and we look forward to the 11 exciting games of the playoffs, Tuesday Morning Tailback presents a list of our highlights from the past season. We did a similar season-ending assessment last year with our 13 Things about 2013, and a few of those items(...)
  • Giants 2014 Season Wrap Up (12/29/14) - by: J.D. Cook There is only so much one person can write about a losing season. I learned this truth last year when I blogged about the Giants entire losing season. It was kept interesting by the fact that although we started poorly, we went on a late season run at the playoffs that came(...)
  • Trimming the Weeds, part 2 (12/23/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback In continuing the theme we started last week, Tuesday Morning Tailback will again look at the thinning out of playoff contenders as we head down the stretch of the 2014 season. After week 16, the Eagles fall to the ground is now complete, as they lost to the lowly Redskins on(...)
  • Trimming the Weeds, part 1 (12/16/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Just a few weeks ago, things looked pretty good for the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and Cleveland Browns. During this season, each of these teams showed flashes of brilliance and have, at times, far exceeded expectations. However, after each have lost multiple consecutive games, playoff(...)
  • Style Points (12/09/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Last night, the Green Bay Packers looked to be well on their way to another hometown slaughter as they led the Atlanta Falcons 31-7 at halftime. However, the Falcons came alive in the second half, scoring 31 points of their own in that half, before barely losing the game 43-37. The(...)
  • Trade Odell Beckham Now! (11/25/14) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback I noticed today that our fearless leader, J.D. Cook, has failed to post a Giants Blog this week. Has he finally given up on Big Blue for the 2014 season? Assuming so, I guess this post serves a dual purpose this week. Anyway, late on Sunday night, Cook posted this on(...)


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