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  • The Walking Dead S5E2 (10/20/14)- by: Oliver Layco Last week on The Walking Dead Rick and the gang were able to escape Terminus while burning
  • The Walking Dead S5E1 (10/13/14)- by: Oliver Layco The Walking Dead has returned! And Rick and the gang look to get some vengeance on the
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS Preview (09/19/14)- by Oliver Layco The time is almost upon us when we can take the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise on
  • I Run for Boston (04/21/14)- by: Oliver Layco Running is something the majority of people greet with a grunt or sigh. Those who run do
  • The End of a Nightmare (04/18/14)- by: Oliver Layco After a long and grueling season, the nightmare is finally over. In a season that saw a
  • Clacc Tape (03/17/14)- by: Oliver Layco About a year ago, I was on my way to graduation from St. John’s when a fellow
  • The Rise of the Con (03/10/14)- by: Oliver Layco Ahhh, the sweet sweet smell of convention halls. There’s a certain air about attending comic conventions that
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen (02/28/14)- by: Oliver Layco The Los Angeles Lakers are often seen as either the best or second best franchise in professional
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind (02/15/14)- by: Oliver Layco The Last of Us was probably the best game that I have played on the PS3. With
  • The Lego Movie (02/07/14)- by: Oliver Layco This article can be found at it’s new home on www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Movie Reviews 01/07/14 –
  • Lego: The Lord of the Rings (01/14/14)- by: Oliver Layco The Lego series of video games has never appealed to me before. Whether it was the simple
  • American Hustle (01/08/14)- by: Oliver Layco This article can be found at it’s new home on www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Movie Reviews 09/21/13 –
  • PS3 Recap: The Last of Us (11/19/13)- by: Oliver Layco You could probably see this one coming from a mile away, but the last game on my
  • PS3 Recap: Mirror’s Edge (11/17/13)- by: Oliver Layco A recurring theme throughout my little list of PS3 greatest hits is that I didn’t hear about
  • PS3 Recap: Batman Arkham City (11/16/13)- by: Oliver Layco Batman has long been my favorite superhero. Maybe it was when I was first introduced to him

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