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  • The Walking Dead S5E2 (10/20/14) - by: Oliver Layco Last week on The Walking Dead Rick and the gang were able to escape Terminus while burning it down to the ground. This week was a fairly simple episode of the group patching things up and figuring out their next move. Again, I’m not sure which direction my writing will take me(...)
  • The Walking Dead S5E1 (10/13/14) - by: Oliver Layco The Walking Dead has returned! And Rick and the gang look to get some vengeance on the Terminus crew. Not sure how this is gonna turn out while I’m writing so, *SPOILERS AHEAD!*   Okay so last we saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and the gang were(...)
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS Preview (09/19/14) - by Oliver Layco The time is almost upon us when we can take the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise on the road with us. This will be the games first iteration on their 3DS system, and the demo just became public today. At its core, the game is everything we’ve come to love ever since(...)
  • I Run for Boston (04/21/14) - by: Oliver Layco Running is something the majority of people greet with a grunt or sigh. Those who run do so for any number of reasons. Personally, running is a release for me; it’s also something I know everyone can’t do. I suppose can’t is the wrong word; rather, running is something they won’t do.(...)
  • The End of a Nightmare (04/18/14) - by: Oliver Layco After a long and grueling season, the nightmare is finally over. In a season that saw a record high of 51 points in a quarter and a record low in a 48 point loss, the Los Angeles Lakers have finished with the worst record in franchise history at 27-55. Even before the(...)
  • Clacc Tape (03/17/14) - by: Oliver Layco About a year ago, I was on my way to graduation from St. John’s when a fellow classmate released his first mixtape. Gifted came around at a time when I needed it so it’s natural that I hold it to a higher pedestal than what may come out next from the up(...)
  • The Rise of the Con (03/10/14) - by: Oliver Layco Ahhh, the sweet sweet smell of convention halls. There’s a certain air about attending comic conventions that have well expanded beyond the realm of comics; or it could be the heated masses of thousands of bodies in a confined space. Either way, conventions are special yet they still retain a sense of(...)
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen (02/28/14) - by: Oliver Layco The Los Angeles Lakers are often seen as either the best or second best franchise in professional basketball; from my point of view, they are the best. They have the best winning percentage of all time (.620), the most playoff appearances (59), and the second most championships in league history (16); second(...)
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind (02/15/14) - by: Oliver Layco The Last of Us was probably the best game that I have played on the PS3. With the arrival of Left Behind, players would get to experience the back story of Ellie (Ashley Johnson) before she met up with Joel. This was referenced in the main game, and it’s nice to see(...)
  • The Lego Movie (02/07/14) - by: Oliver Layco This article can be found at it’s new home on www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Movie Reviews 01/07/14 – American Hustle 09/21/13 – Insidious: Chapter 2 08/20/13 – Hot Fuzz 08/19/13 – Shaun of the Dead 08/18/13 – Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Article from Around the Web ZergNet
  • Lego: The Lord of the Rings (01/14/14) - by: Oliver Layco The Lego series of video games has never appealed to me before. Whether it was the simple rehashing of stories we’ve heard countless times before or the lack of voice acting that did it in for me confuses me. I mean all Nintendo titles have the same story and no voices yet(...)
  • American Hustle (01/08/14) - by: Oliver Layco This article can be found at it’s new home on www.comicsmoviesgames.com Other Nutshell Movie Reviews 09/21/13 – Insidious: Chapter 2 08/20/13 – Hot Fuzz 08/19/13 – Shaun of the Dead 08/18/13 – Scott Pilgrim Vs the World 08/17/13 – Paul Article from Around the Web ZergNet
  • PS3 Recap: The Last of Us (11/19/13) - by: Oliver Layco You could probably see this one coming from a mile away, but the last game on my meaningful PS3 games has to be The Last of Us (and yes I was planning on saving it for the end for that purpose). Naughy Dog makes an appearance again and for good reason. They’ve(...)
  • PS3 Recap: Mirror’s Edge (11/17/13) - by: Oliver Layco A recurring theme throughout my little list of PS3 greatest hits is that I didn’t hear about games until a year or so later. This holds true for the fourth title on my list which is Mirror’s Edge. While it did receive critical success, it didn’t receive great commercial success. When I(...)
  • PS3 Recap: Batman Arkham City (11/16/13) - by: Oliver Layco Batman has long been my favorite superhero. Maybe it was when I was first introduced to him through Michael Keaton or when I heard him through the voice of Kevin Conroy. Needless to say, he never had a proper video game done for him. Superhero games in general have normally been a(...)

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