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  • November’s Champions (12/17/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback After their collapse against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 in December and on the edge of another late season collapse. This is nothing new, as the modern era Dallas Cowboys have a history of being anointed champions mid season by a media over-enthusiastic, followed by(...)
  • Great Football! (12/10/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Just when we marveled about how good football was last week, the football played on December 8th was the most entertaining in memory. Many of these games were played in a heavy snow and followed similar patterns of careful, low-scoring play early and wild, high-scoring play late. Of all these snow(...)
  • Good Football (12/03/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback This past Thanksgiving weekend offered the best football of the season and one of the better weekends of quality football in memory. This was not just in the NFL, but also the fantastic college games on Saturday, highlighted by Auburn’s incredible win over Alabama in the “iron bowl”. With one second(...)
  • The NFL on Thanksgiving (11/26/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback As we head into another Thanksgiving, we’ll look at the tradition that football has played on that day. These games have been a regular occurrence since the NFL’s inception in 1920. In fact, six games, featuring all league teams were played on Thanksgiving 1920. The tradition of football on Thanksgiving actually(...)
  • Houston, We Have a Problem (11/19/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback The Houston Texans are a real mess these days and much of it seems to be self-imposed. After coming into the 2013 season as two-time AFC South champions and starting the season with two come-from-behind victories, the team has totally collapsed with eight consecutive losses. To compound the problem, there is(...)
  • Cool As the Brees (11/12/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback After watching him lead the Saints to a blowout over Dallas on Sunday night, we are once again reminded just how good of a quarterback Drew Brees really is. For empirical evidence, just look at the New Orleans Saints record during the 30 seasons before Brees arrived and compare it to(...)
  • 2013 Midseason Report (11/05/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback You may have noticed the trend  we’ve established of offering real analysis a few times a year with all the “bitching” articles in between. We kicked off this NFL season with our 2013 Season Preview two months ago and even went on the limb of picking each division winner and Super(...)
  • Only Jerks Are “Competitive” (10/29/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Dez Bryant threw several sideline tantrums during Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. These were later explained away by head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo as being due to Bryant being highly “competitive”. However, video evidence (along with common sense) seems to dispute this assertion. At(...)
  • The Little Giants Who Could (10/22/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback This week we have a single article which doubles as both the Tuesday Morning Tailback article and the New York Giants blog. Kudos to J.D. Cook, who predicted a 10 game win streak to end the season for the New York Giants after falling to 0-6 following the heartbreaking loss in(...)
  • Hail To the Thinskins (10/15/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Bob Costas has apparently found that the only way to get any attention these days is to spout out some nonsense on his Sunday Night halftime monologue and then complain on Monday about the negative feedback he is receiving from “fringe” groups. During the monologue Costas said; (The nickname) ‘Redskins’ can’t(...)
  • I’ll Be Back (10/08/13) - Tuesday Morning Tailback Classic The Denver Broncos are favored by the most points ever this coming week when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars (28 points) and the majority of all hype these days is on Peyton Manning and Broncos. This is not without reason, as Manning is on a historic path for many all time(...)
  • In the Pitts (10/01/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback The Pittsburgh Steelers have not started a season 0-4 since 1968. That was the year before Chuck Noll became head coach and led the team to four Super Bowl championships in the 1970s. Much of the blame for these early season woes in the steel city has been directed at the(...)
  • Schizophrenic Season Start (09/24/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Three weeks ago, during my 2013 Season Preview, I listed my predictions for each of the eight division champions. Among these were the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers. These four teams are a combined 2-10 so far this season and, along with the disappointing(...)
  • NFL Rat Culture (09/17/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback It was reported last week that that undercover cops were going to planted at Century Link Field in Seattle wearing jerseys and paraphernalia of the opposing San Francisco 49ers. This is meant to monitor fan behavior and ensure “a safe environment for all in attendance, including visiting team fans”. According to(...)
  • Northern Tears (09/10/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback The Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Detroit Lions each border our neighbor to the north, with various bodies of water separating these teams’ home cities from the great country of Canada. They also each have a storied history with days of glory and championships years ago. Unfortunately for each, those were(...)
  • 2013 NFL Season Preview (09/03/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback Well, here we go with another NFL season kicking off Thursday with the Ravens and Broncos. Today, we’ll kick off the weekly Tuesday Morning Tailback articles by making our annual picks, division by division. We do this knowing that there is so much unforeseen in any given NFL season and we(...)
  • Nevermore (02/05/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback And so it ends. ~ NOTE from Tuesday Morning Tailback: This was my lame attempt to announce I would write “nevermore” following the 2012 season and the championship by the Baltimore Ravens. Of course, it was a false alarm as Tuesday Morning Tailback continues through the 2013 season.   Tuesday Morning(...)
  • Why So Much Suck? (01/29/13) - So the President of the United States has stated that he would have hesitated to let his son (who would have looked like Travon Martin, by the way) play football, if he actually had a son. In an interview with New Republic “I think that those of us who love the sport are going to(...)
  • The Brothers Harbaugh (01/22/13) - A little over year ago, as their respective teams headed into their respective conference championships, I wrote an article about Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called Hardy Har Harbaugh. Of course, both of their respective teams lost their respective championships and the Brothers Harbaugh failed to reach Super(...)
  • Kneeling Down On the Job (01/15/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback I don’t care how many smug commentators say otherwise, nothing is worse than a coach who doesn’t play to win. And this is especially true in the playoffs. I can still remember the 2003 NFC Divisional Playoffs when both Mike Martz of the Rams and Mike Sherman of the Packers cost(...)
  • Those Shanahans Need to Be Fired! (01/07/13) - by Tuesday Morning Tailback It may have taken an entire season, but I think I’ve finally figured out why the constant use of “RGIII” by mainstream sportscasters and broadcasters has become such a burdensome thorn in my side. I first parodied this in our first regular season article this year called The Idiocy of Overused(...)
  • The NFL on Christmas (12/25/12) - Even though it falls in the heart of playoff contention, the NFL has not embraced Christmas Day games like it has Thanksgiving Day games(a void which the NBA has stepped into eagerly). In fact, there had never been an NFL game on Christmas Day through its first 50 years of existence, prior to the 1970(...)

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