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New York Comic Con, Day 1

October 13, 2011
By Oliver Layco

New York Comic ConWell the first day of Comic Con has come and gone. The Cultural Communist roamed the floor looking for love while I and my compatriot J.D. Cook explored looking for something more than that. This was our first time at any sort of major convention and we picked a great one to start at. We were both blown away. We followed one of our experienced Comic-Con friends as he led us from booth to booth. It took me a while to do more than awe at my surroundings. To any of the people present at the convention I looked like a zombie as I shuffled from wildly exciting display to wildly exciting display.

As my first rush of excitement subsided a bit I was able to better assess the situation at hand. Marvel Comics had the best showing of the first day. Their merchandise was everywhere and their booths were really fun. One of them had a grouping of all of their action figures in a mini-battle, and another was a huge replica of the bridge of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier. D.C. Comics only seemed to have a demo of the upcoming video game Arkham City to display. This wasn’t really bad though as Arkham City is intensely anticipated. Unfortunately the demo on display was one that had already been revealed much earlier so there was nothing really new to see here.

As far as other video games go I didn’t get to do an entire exploration of the show floor. So I cannot say what Nintendo is up to, but I did drop by Microsoft’s booth. Sadly the only really interesting demo there was for Star Wars the Old Republic. I had hoped there would be a playable Mass Effect 3 multi-player demo available after the recent revelation that the game included it but it was merely a retread from other conventions. There was also a Resident Evil section I didn’t get hands on with yet, but luckily I, J.D. Cook, and the The Cultural Communist have three more days to fully explore this convention.

As for the Cultural Communist he had little to say except that seating was extremely limited on the show floor and that snacks and drinks were hard to come by. Oh well; some people just can’t be pleased. His story of searching out love at Comic Con will be detailed in his own article.

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