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The Top 7 Story Arcs of Venom, Volume 2

by J.D. Cook

An Ongoing Feature Counting Down the Top 7 Story Arcs of Flash Thompson’s Venom series in honor of it’s recent cancellation.

#7 Spider Island 09.21.13
#6 Monsters of Evil 09.23.13
#5 Toxic Lifestyle 09.26.13
#4 Minimum Carnage 09.28.13
#3 Circle of Four 09.30.13
#2 Road Trip 10.03.13
#1 The Savage Six 10.04.13


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J.D. Cook

I'm Jerry...Housewares...and writer...overall Renaissance Man

3 thoughts on “The Top 7 Story Arcs of Venom, Volume 2

  • great article. in Opinion here is how the list goes:

    1- Savage 6
    2- Toxic
    3- MC, Road trip
    4-Spider Island, Mania (it hasn’t finished yet, but it’s been very awesome)
    5- Rookie arc, Circle of Four
    6- MOE, U-foes

    either way what matters is that you got time and made n article for this series

  • Your list is pretty great! I could definitely see mine going that way I would have included Mania if the arc was finished because I’ve really enjoyed it so far. That said I never want to see it end because I’ve really enjoyed the series so far.

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