EditorialFall 2013

God Cell: Gate of the Gods

by J.D. Cook

Unknown power? Ominous sounding title? Multiple independent comic book creators coming together? That’s all covered in God Cell: Gate of the Gods a new comic project currently up for funding on KickStarter. It sounds well worth a few bucks as it promises an epic story with a grand scope. Oh and don’t forget the always fun incentives that come with the various donation amounts. Side note: It’s really amazing that we live in an era where creative artists and writers in this case (Vince White, RaChaun Rogers, Arthur Bellfield and Tony Kittrell) can come together on a project of this scope and then bring it straight to the masses and ask them to be a part of the creative process via funding their work. It’s almost like we have traveled back in time to when poets and artists had wealthy benefactors except now the wealthy benefactors can be multiple people around the world.

I’m very interested in the story behind God Cell because the creators did a great job of creating mystery and intrigue in their Kickstarter page. I have my own ideas for where the story might go but if the description is any indication the story will really take people by surprise. It’s got mythology, heroes, and of course Gods. Not to mention if you the project reaches its higher goals you just might walk away with a print by artist Eric Battle, a variant cover by Greg LaRocque or a different variant cover by Chris Cross. Those are some awesome heavy hitters in the industry and backers would be lucky to own any of their art work. I’m always immensely interested and excited by independent comics because while I love Marvel and D.C. a lot of the great and unique stories are told free of their restraints to large multi-verses and continuities. I mean if someone dies in God Cell the creators won’t be under pressure to ret-con the decision and bring their characters back. These guys all have full creative control over this story and that is a really exciting prospect. This is definitely a project that deserves your attention my humble readers. Anyway if I haven’t sold you go over to their Kickstarter page and check out all they have to say because there is only ten days left to fund their work!

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