March 18, 2012
By The Cultural Communist

I will choose a path that’s clear…I WILL CHOOSE FREEWILL!

Philosopher's StoneDoes it exist!? Hell if I know! We can either live with the belief that our actions have meaning or that they do not. I like to believe that they do. But if you really spend your life worrying about whether your actions are being controlled by some cosmic puppeteer you are just going to waste your life. It is that easy.

Freewill has to be believed. Without it, everything falls apart. Imagine a world where a man can murder someone and claim cosmic control! “God made me do it!” It’s all part of the divine plan I can’t be held accountable. In order for the concepts of good and evil to have any meaning, free will must be our agreed upon basis as a species.

That said, there are times when we can feel incredibly out of control. Times when, despite everything we do, things still go south for us. This is because with our free will comes the free will of others. For instance if your girl breaks up with you and your best friend runs off with her, there is no need to blame God or yourself unless you caused the girl to dump you. The real culprits here are your friend and the girl’s freewill! Other people have as much freewill as you do and as a result when other peoples’ freewill comes into contact with yours it can make you feel like you are powerless. Is there anything worse than being madly in love with someone only to have them tell you they do not feel the same way? Freewill is a fickle bitch.

There are other things in this world as well. Things that mankind’s freewill has no control over at all. Things like asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. These things cannot be truly affected by our freewill. We can freely choose to try and prevent them, but when they catch us off guard, there is little we can do. This does not mean that God is punishing or testing us. It means that nature is unpredictable and violent.

On the subject of God, I find it hard to believe people ever really believe in Determinism. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is basically a belief that our actions can be determined and thus they are not free. I wholly disagree with this. Sure some actions can be predicated, but at any time a person can do something completely out of character. Look at Jurassic Park when Allen Grant jumps out of a moving car. No one could have predicted that as Ian Malcolm says; although he is involved in Chaos Theory which is a whole different bag of worms.

Finally we come to the idea of God and Freewill. Some believe if God exists then Freewill cannot because our actions are known already. Thomas Aquinas already touched on this pretty well but my argument will be slightly different. I believe in a watchmaker God, a God who pretty much crafted this Universe and let it go. That said I do believe he or his underlings tend to check in now and then and I even believe God can get involved. Just like Jules from Pulp Fiction I’ve felt the touch of God in my life. Either way I do not think God would create this gigantic magnificent Universe and put humanity on it with so much variety and difference only to watch a preordained play. If he wants to be able to judge our souls at the end of life then he certainly needs Freewill and if he just wants to be entertained by the human race’s grand show then why would he spoil the ending on himself?

Onward to the government and their love of control! Freewill is man’s greatest weapon. We can use it to destroy or to protect. We can do great good or great evil with it. The government knows this and that is why they restrict it as much as possible in the name of the common good. Unfortunately it is my belief that humans should be free to choose whatever they want even if what they choose is not good for them. Take cigarettes for example. They are becoming ever more restricted but if a person wants to smoke and knows the risks, then let them. It is that person’s freewill that is determining they would rather smoke and risk lung cancer then not smoke. The government’s role with things like these should be simply to make their citizens aware of the risks posed by these things and then say “we’ve warned you, the choice is yours”. This would make so much more sense in the grand scheme because even when the government puts its foot down to stop people from getting things it deems illegal, those people who really want them still get them.

So basically my thoughts on freewill in summary are these, it exists because I can’t picture a world where it doesn’t and if it doesn’t there is literally no way for me to discover it. If a God exists he certainly could control our lives but what would be the purpose? Wouldn’t an omnipotent being have better things to do with its time? And in regards to the government…don’t let them restrict your freewill if you can help it. Only bad things come of that!



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One thought on “Freewill

  • April 11, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Your article makes perfect sense! Without free will, the world will be filled with chaos and nothing good will come out of it. Free will sucks when it comes to love because you cannot control a person’s feelings. Like Adam Sandler sings in the movie “The Wedding Singer”…”Love Stinks”! I always believed that God doesn’t control people’s actions or actions that occur on Earth such as tragedies, natural disasters, etc. Do you really think that an almighty God who “love” us was the cause the tragedy of 9/11? Some people think so, but to be honest, I would have to disagree. Obviously, the terrorists who have free will like every other human made a really bad choice to kill innocent civilians. I also agree with how the government controls our free will. Cigarettes and drugs are harmful of course and I refuse to try them. However, for the government to have restrictions is gonna instigate people to try them anyway, especially rebels. Another issue that I have to get across is getting a ticket for wearing a seat belt. I find that outrageous! A person who is risking his or her life, but not others, gets a ticket. That’s the government controlling free will again! Those bastards!

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