Good and Evil

March 28, 2012
By The Cultural Communist

Philosopher's StoneIt seems to me that there are two opposing forces in the Universe locked in eternal struggle. There is order and there is chaos. Order is represented by things like stars where all of these various gases come together to create a giant ball of light. There is an order to its shine.  

The chaos is found all around in the darkness as rocks zip through space with the capacity to wipe out worlds and clouds of dust swirl with no potential of anything forming out of them. It’s best represented by the black holes that devour everything they see. There may be an order behind them, but we are still years from truly understanding what they do besides destroy ordered forms via ripping them to pieces before swallowing them whole.

Here on Earth, the battle of order and chaos takes many different forms. Almost since the dawn of man humanity has tried to impose order on nature via building shelters and irrigating water. We’ve tried to impose order on each other with the creation of government. As long as this search for order has existed, there has been chaos battling it. Nature throws storms that destroy humanity’s order and people fight for their own order or to free themselves of the order of others. It’s a constant struggle that has lasted as long as humanity. These two forces have come to be personified as good and evil; two forces at opposite ends of a spectrum.

Now let’s move onto actions that are good or evil. I believe true good or evil can only exist with freewill (hence why that article was written before this). Without freewill good and evil cannot exist.  Actions have no meaning without free will. So now what are the evilest actions one can commit? Murder and rape must be considered the two vilest crimes. Murder takes away all a person will ever be and extinguishes their very life force. Rape perverts the reproductive act and destroys a person’s inner most freedoms, mainly the right to choose who they love. Furthermore I do not believe these evils to be culturally relative. I think rape and murder are wrong no matter where you live or how you were raised. These things encroach on your greatest freedoms; the right to live and to pursue happiness.

What is Good? I have no idea.  I think that helping people is noble, but my good is defined by finding my own personal happiness. This is not to say I am selfish. It’s quite the opposite. I improve myself and by extension the things around me will improve just slightly. If I am in love with a girl it’s in my best interest to treat her right and the same goes for other things or people I like. It’s kind of like free market capitalism as a guide to living. It may sound crazy but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I think good may be more subjective then evil in that I know I can find an agreed upon evil, but not an agreed upon good. As humans we can unite against a common foe, but we often have trouble figuring out how to move forward after that. Just look at the Cold War for an example of that.

Good and Evil are certainly prevalent in the world, but I am not one hundred percent sure that they are more than just order and chaos in constant battle.

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