2012 Election

FEMA – Political Porkbarrel
Obama Thinks All Women Are Stupid
Clear and Unfiltered

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Hurricane Sandy devastation

November 4, 2012
FEMA – Political Porkbarrel
Karyn Albano

Once created a bureaucracy will increasingly try to justify its own existence and growth by manipulating numbers and increasing classifications such as “federal disaster areas”.


Romney and Obama at the second debate

October 18, 2012
Obama Thinks All Women Are Stupid
Karyn Albano

An obscure comment by Mitt Romney at this past Tuesday’s presidential debate has been inflated by the Obama campaign and his cheerleaders in the media.


First Presidential Debate in Denver

October 4, 2012
Clear and Unfiltered
Ric Albano

With the first presidential debate last night in Denver, the fog of deception that was fabricated to make Mitt Romney look like he is an unacceptable choice for the highest office in the land has been permanently dispensed.


Michelle Obama

September 7, 2012
The Best (and Worst) Speeches at the D.N.C.
Ric Albano

With the Democratic National Convention wrapped up and Barack Obama set to bid for reelection, I thought I’d reflect on some of the best and worst speeches given this past week in Charlotte.


Clint Eastwood

September 2, 2012
Clint Eastwood
Ric Albano

The legendary actor, director, and American icon really struck a nerve with political pundits with his impromptu speech Thursday night.


Condoleezza Rice

August 31, 2012
The 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Speeches at the R.N.C.
Ric Albano

With the Republican National Convention wrapped up and Mitt Romney set as the official nominee, I thought I’d reflect on some of the best and worst speeches given this past week in Tampa.


Paul Ryan

August 11, 2012
Paul Ryan for Vice President
Ric Albano

Paul Ryan is brilliant, bold, young, and from a modest working class background. In the last two years, he has become the clear fiscal leader in Congress and has put out a bold budget each year as a fiscal guru.


2012 Election Icon

May 10, 2012
Projections and Elections
Sinclair Soul

Psychological projection or “projection bias” is a psychological defense mechanism where a person ascribes to other people their own, biases, beliefs, or insecurities.


Big Blue Bullfrog endorses Mitt Romney for President

March 13, 2012
Mitt’s the Shitt
Big Blue Bullfrog Editors

Now is the opportune time for the Republican party to coalesce around the candidate who will be the 45th President of the United States, Mitt Romney.


2012 Election Icon

February 29, 2012
Romney Holds Off Santorum
Big Blue Bullfrog

Mitt Romney fought off a recent surge by Rick Santorum and won the Michigan primary by three percentage points. Romney also won big in the Arizona primary to gain some momentun heading into next week’s “Super Tuesday”.


Rick SantorumFebruary 24, 2012
Santorum’s Honesty Problem
Sinclair Soul

This article is not about the man’s dishonesty, but about his extraordinary honesty and how this will ultimately sink his Presidential candidacy.


Mitt Romney in MaineFebruary 12, 2012
Romney Gets Narrow Victory
Big Blue Bullfrog

When the results of the week-long Maine Caucuses being tabulated on Saturday, Mitt Romney got about 39.6% of the total vote, barely edging runner-up Ron Paul who goy a little over 36% of the vote.


Rick Santorum after his victory in Colorado.

February 8, 2012
Rick Santorum’s Big Night
Big Blue Bullfrog

Rick Santorum had a big night on Tuesday by winning all three contests in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri by sizable margins. However, the actuall delegates won were quite low.


2012 Election IconFebruary 5, 2012
Romney Wins Nevada
Big Blue Bullfrog

Mitt Romney wins the Nevada Caucuses by a substantial margin, putting him firmly in front for the Republican Presidential nomination.


Mitt Romney Wins the Florida Primary

February 1, 2012
Florida Primary Wrap-up
Blaise Greco

The Florida Republicans have answered and they want their next president to be Mitt Romney.


Florida Primary 2012

January 23, 2012
Florida Primary Overview
Blaise Greco

As the 2012 Presidential Primary begins this week in the state of Florida, many people are definitely looking towards the Republicans and are leaving the Democrats.


Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

January 4, 2012
Split Decision
Ric Albano

Last night’s Iowa Caucuses gave us the closest decision in history as Mitt Romney beat out Rick Santorum by just eight votes statewide.


2012 Election Logo

December 14, 2011
Freedom To Lose
Mitch Zink

It was around the middle of summer where I decided to analyze the political viewpoints of each candidate and, after a long and arduous process, I realized that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was the right guy for me. Unfortunately, out of thirteen GOP debates, there have been only two where Gary Johnson has been invited.