JD CookJeremiah Dylan Cook (J.D. Cook) is the founder and editor-in-chief of Big Blue Bullfrog. He has been writing short stories and novellas since the age of 10 and launched this website in 2006 to display these early works.

Mr. Cook graduated from St. John’s University, Magna Cum Laude, and was the Features Editor for the school’s newspaper, The Red Storm. In 2012, Mr. Cook was awarded the Silver Key by the University as the top Junior in English along with the Mario Mezzacappa Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in poetry and prose. In 2013 he received the Certificate of Achievement in English.

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Ric AlbanoRic Albano is the co-founder of BigBlueBullfrog and chief website developer. He is the owner and president of this site’s parent company, 33 Dimensions LLC and is also the chief editor and developer for the rock music sites Modern Rock Review and Classic Rock Review. During the NFL Season, Mr. Albano writes a weekly column titles Tuesday Morning Tailback on this site.

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Oliver Layco at Spartan RaceOliver Layco is a quiet beast. He will pour everything he can into his work and no one will realize it was him. He is also loyal in the truest sense and if you manage to gain some of that loyalty you will have a friend until you give him reason to break that bond.

Oliver is a graduate from St. John’s University with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently manning the West Coast division of BigBlue until he is reunited with his colleague J.D. Cook.

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The Only Known Picture of Sinclair SoulSinclair Soul is a former championship-level background singer (turned reluctant headliner) and now political columnist for His column, The Soul of the Nation thoroughly examines the state of American politics and culture from a “Soul” perspective.

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