A Wrong Decision, Ch. II

August 22, 2007
By J.D. Cook

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Chapter II    NFC East Rivals

Wellington couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was over so suddenly. He had never realized how fragile life was until that moment. The bartender came up to his seat on the bar.
“Can I help you?”
“Could I have a Heineken?” asked Wellington letting his head slide down into his hands.
“Coming right up,” said the bartender walking down, and asking for some other orders while retrieving Wellington’s Heineken.
“Murder in the streets of Philadelphia tonight,” echoed the television mounted above the bar.
“Turn it up yelled a man sitting farther down the bar.” The bartender obliged him, but not before handing Wellington his Heineken. The voice of a news anchor filled the bar.
“It was earlier tonight when a man was reportedly thrown into an oncoming car. The Police have not released further details then that one man is reportedly dead on Spruce Street as a result of a scuffle with another man.” The rest was drowned out when the man sitting further down the bar yelled again.
“Not this crap! Put on the Monday night game! I want to see the Cowboys, and Giants kill each other!”
Another man sitting at a table gave a loud yell to signify his dislike of the formers comment.
“What team do you like? Them god awful Giants?” said the man at the other end of the bar getting up in the process, and attempting to look menacing. As he turned he was met with a man much larger then he dressed head to toe in Blue.
“Yeah! Got a problem with it?” asked the Giants fan.
“Get out my face and find a real team!” said the man further down the bar.
“Last I checked my team had two rings! Can I inquire what team you cheer for?” questioned the Giants fan.
In seconds the bar was in a rage as the man down the bar threw a fist. Cheers of “E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles,” and “G—MEN,” filled the room. Wellington took this opportunity to slip out of the door unnoticed.


J.D. Cook

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