A Wrong Decision, Ch. VI

August 22, 2007
By J.D. Cook

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Chapter VI    Glock 9mm

The darkness of the woods frightened Wellington, as he kept repeating to himself it’s only animals. He had parked his car back inside an abandoned barn, and then decided it was better to slip into the woods. Unfortunately he had become a bit lost, and now had no idea where he was. The blue duffel bag containing his change of cloths, and his deodorant hung at his side. Wellington set it down, and used it as a pillow. Sleep came in pieces, if at all that night. When the sun began to rise he began to hike. He did his best to back track, and as he walked he noticed something orange against a tree. Thinking it a person he ducked behind a tree, but after a lack of movement, or sound Wellington moved in on it.
He discovered a corpse wrapped in orange. Obviously a hunter, the body was missing most of its flesh. It looked as if it were mauled by something. A rifle lay at his feet in two. Then Wellington discovered the man’s hand gripping a pistol. It took a second, but he pried the gun from the corpse, and released the clip to discover it full. Then he recognized it as a Glock 9mm. The same gun his Uncle Jerry had when he would occasionally take Wellington to the shooting range. After searching for more bullets, Wellington set off again to find his truck.
It was only a few more hours until he would be at his Uncle Jerry’s in Florida and Wellington was relieved. Having not seen the gray Honda in a day, Wellington decided it was safe to check into a hotel for some sleep before making the final stretch to his Uncles. It had been ages since he stopped, and continuing on was going to border on the dangerous. At the same time he decided it might be better to arrive at his Uncles not smelling like a wet dog and car fresheners. So at the first dingy motel Wellington stopped, and parked just a bit down from a white mini-van.


J.D. Cook

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