Gods and Men, Ch. 1

March 31, 2008
By J.D. Cook

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1.   Meteor

Don was probably right, but Jeremiah never liked doing things potentially dangerous. It took him till he was thirteen to even attempt lighting fireworks. Don however was the total opposite. Although he wasn’t a reckless risk taker, he had a confidence when doing dangerous things. Now the comet was getting much bigger and approaching much faster.

“Dude that looks like its heading straight for us,” Jeremiah said in an obviously nervous tone.
“Just relax its heading for way over there.” The dark cemetery surrounding the two boys was growing lighter as the comet zoomed closer. Names of the long ago deceased grew readable in the dim light. Jeremiah turned his head to his grandpa’s house behind him. This was the best place he knew to watch this once and a lifetime event. The cemetery held few trees to impair the vision of the night sky. The meteor filled the boy’s vision now.

“It’s heading straight for us!” Jeremiah and Don turned to run back to his Grandpa’s house in the distance. The pair flew into the sky as the comet hit earth with an impact crash as sounding cataclysmic as anything the teens ever had fill their ears. They were propelled forward with the might of an atom bomb.


J.D. Cook

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