Gods and Men, Ch. 6

March 31, 2008
By J.D. Cook

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6.   Times Square

A month had passed since Wrocley had his fantastic dream but he still had not contacted the spirit. He was afraid it would still be angry with him. As he sat down to read the morning news one day he noticed a peculiar story. It was of a boy who could control lightning. It was the boy Eli had failed to kill. As he read through the article he was enraged. “This boy is using his power for publicity! He did not deserve such power! I will destroy him!” Wrocley summoned the spirit once again.

“Ah, so you return at last.” said the voice in the mirror. “I’m guessing that you failed to kill the boy.”
“Yes, sire. He taunts me with his power now.” replied Wrocley.
“Well, I have good news for you. I have fixed things on my end so that know one will ever be able to stop us. Not even that meddling Thor! In order to bring my plan to fruition, we must work together! Will you help me again?”
“As long as I get to destroy that boy and you promise to help me fight the injustices of the world once we control it.” replied Wrocley.
“Together, my friend, we will bring your planet into a golden age!” the spirit said with a gleeful laugh.
“What must I do, my lord?”
“Erase the words protecting you and I shall do the rest.”
Wrocley paused for a moment; “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to give you the greatest power ever seen on earth – the power of a god!”

Wrocley laughed with joy and then began erasing the five words that kept out harmful spirits. Upon erasing the last one, the mirror exploded and the smoke from the explosion swirled around Wrocley. It started to consume him, and within seconds it had been completely absorbed inside him. His eyes turned red for a moment and his scars faded away as his bald head grew black hair. His trench coat and hooded sweater transfigured into a black tuxedo.
The new man smiled to himself; “Finally, Loki is back on earth!”
Loki picked up the paper and read the title; Lightning Kid to make appearances in New York City. The article gave the exact time and locations he would visit in the city.

Loki stood in Times Square looking up towards the building that Jeremiah was in.
“Everyone gather around. I have an amazing trick to show you all!” The people walking by glanced over at Loki for a moment, but most kept walking.
“I guess people don’t listen as well as they used to.” he thought.
Loki suddenly burst in to flames. Skin melted from his face and wings sprouted from his back. His hands morphed into claws and in those hands appeared a shield and a staff. He began to swing his staff fluently, sending people flying off in every direction. Then he clobbered a car, which exploded.

Jeremiah was talking to TRL‘s host about his power, when an explosion erupted outside the bay window which overlooked Times Square. Everyone moved to look to see the horrible sight of this monster. It had the outline of human but with large wings, devoid of feathers, sprouting from its back. It’s skin was on fire in more than one place, including it’s head which sprouted flame. It carried a large shield and staff, which it used to send things flying, including a few cars. Jeremiah did not hesitate, as he ran down the stairs to meet it.

When he got outside, the monster was nowhere to be found, although flames erupted from cars it had demolished and people were running away from where it had been. Suddenly from above a shrill cry shook Jeremiah to his bones. He looked up and saw it preparing to dive. Jeremiah raised his hands, but he could not produce the lightning – he was too scared. The monster drew closer and closer, and still there was no lightning. Jeremiah jumped out of the way, as the monster swiped its staff at him. It flew after him and he was forced to run away.

Gunfire came from a near bye policeman just as it was about to grab him. The monster turned to deal with the cop, giving Jeremiah time to try his power again. This time he was able to get it to work. He sent a huge bolt of lightning flying at the monster, sending it crashing to the ground. Cheers erupted from New Yorkers around him. It was short lived, unfortunately, as the monster got back up and began to fly towards him again. This time Jeremiah put all his energy into the lightning, and the result was a flash lighting up the sky for miles. Unfortunately the monster used its shield to deflect the blast.

Jeremiah was drained of energy and was about to collapse when more police showed up to draw the monster away. Jeremiah had to use this time to replenish his energy. He concentrated his thoughts on the electricity around him and he was amazed at the amount in Times Square. Electricity began to shoot from all the buildings into him. He felt replenished and ready to kick that monster’s ass. He drew up all the electricity he could muster and sent it at the monster, while at the same time he used the electricity from nearby buildings to send more electricity at it from different directions. The monster deflected one blast but was hit by ten others. It screamed in agony and again fell from the sky.

“Why do you attempt to defeat an Aesir?” the monster asked as it stood up.
Jeremiah was haunted by its voice which was not of any human. “What the hell is an Aesir?” he yelled defiantly.
The monster laughed, “Have we been gone from the world so long you humans have forgotten us? I am what you might call a god. I go by the name of Loki.”
“Why are you attacking this city?” Jeremiah asked in a little voice.
“An Aesir needs to share nothing with a human!” Loki flew into the air again and this time sent his staff flying down towards Jeremiah. The staff struck next to him as he began to run again. This time he ran inside a building to catch his breath. Inside people hid behind desks and tables.

“What are you doing in here?” asked a tough looking man.
“Yeah, aren’t you supposed to be out there fighting it?” said a rather plump man.
“You’re supposed to be Mr. Powers right? Well, lets see them!” said a woman.
Jeremiah didn’t argue. He knew he was doing a horrible job at being a hero. He was scared of fighting Loki again. He was powerful, not like a small time crook from Hazleton.

Suddenly, the wall crashed in as Loki grabbed Jeremiah and flew into the air. Loki flew higher and higher until they where above even the Empire State Building. “Now you’ll see what happens to a human who interferes with my schemes!” Loki dropped Jeremiah and he fell faster and faster.

Soon his life flashed before his eyes and all burned white. He collided with the cement below, dying instantly.

“Well, that was easy enough. Now to take over the world!” Loki landed back in Times Square and changed back to his human form. He put his hands into the air and out of them flew a blue mist that moved with a purpose and brain all its own. The mist quickly enveloped all of Manhatten. People were helpless as it turned them unwillingly into Loki’s pawns. People flowed out of buildings left and right to bow before him.
“Listen closely, my followers. Gather the best weapons you have and together we will unite the world!” The crowd cheered in appreciation, without a mind or soul.


J.D. Cook

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