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Cirque Dreams: Illumination

February 19, 2010
By Leah Della-Croce

A group of Alvernia (PA) students and staff members attended a showing of the critically acclaimed Cirque Dreams: Illumination on Wednesday, February 17. Performed regularly at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, the show is a dazzling representation of city life, featuring a stunningly realistic set that portrays a heavily-graffitied inner city train station.
The cast includes a troupe of incredible athletes, dancers, and acrobats, whose lithe bodies effortlessly perform feats the average person could never even imagine, creating a colorful world where construction workers and policemen can defy gravity with jaw-dropping aerodynamic maneuvers.
The show celebrates diversity, representing various cultures through music and dance. Cirque Dreams features a variety of dance styles, from classical ballet and Irish step dancing to hip hop and break dancing. The music satisfies any audience, running the gamut from jazz, rock, sultry rhythm and blues numbers, metal, techno, and Broadway numbers. Along with the superb music, the cast also included a first-rate female saxophone player and an outstanding female vocalist.
The dazzling spectacle of Cirque Dreams certainly deserves the unanimous rave reviews it has received. Alvernia students and staff greatly enjoyed the opportunity to attend such a special event; it certainly was—illuminating. Tickets were free to the Alvernia community, courtesy of the university’s Student Government Association, and transportation was provided by campus public safety.

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