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November 21, 2011
By J.D. Cook

The Giants Lose to the Philadelphia EaglesDREADFUL! This is the only word I can use to describe the Giants loss to the Eagles this past week. I do not think it will do much for the Eagles as they have lost a good deal too many games for me to consider one win anymore than an aberration. The Giants on the other hand of managed to harpoon their inside track to a division win. One thing Giants fans know is that the Eli Manning era team loves to loose home games they should win. They are a team that thrives off of winning the hard way and when they have an easy route ahead of them they hardly ever take it. Eli Manning himself, the Gunslinger, is a microcosm of this team. Put him up against the Patriots and he will light up the field. Put him against the Seahawks and he throws a game losing interception.

This said the season is still salvageable, but it now appears that the only way to the division crown involves a sweep of the Dallas Cowboys who currently look like they are getting hot as they have flown under the radar most of this season. As a huge fan I can only pray that the Gmen avoid another late season collapse. Nothing is more heartbreaking then seeing your favorite football team play 3/4ths of a great season only to trip and fall back down the road to the playoffs.

This could be a great year for this team if they eliminate mistakes and move into a more pass oriented offense until Ahmad Bradshaw returns. Jacobs is a fine back of he gets the ball a limited amount of times, but if he does not stay fresh his pounding nature wears out. Young receivers Victor Cruz, Nicks, and Manningham have all shown fire this year and the ball belongs in their hands right now. At the same time the Defense which has looked great this season needs to get off the field. How can a team pick off a quarterback 3 times and not win? This is the question I have asked myself all week.

This week the Giants face a New Orleans Saints team that has had the Gmen’s number in the last couple of meetings beating them badly. Another loss and Dallas could very well get a lead on New York that could last into the playoffs. The Giants need to step up in every position.


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