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The Night Before Christmas… in Gotham

A Christmas Treat from Big Blue Bullfrog

December 24, 2011
By Nick Larsen

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout Gotham,
the streets were a buzz from a breakout in Arkham.
The prisoners ran free without a single care,
As the charge was led by the Joker with gleaming green hair.
Commissioner Gordon sent out his men
To stop the crime before the clock struck ten.
A fight broke out with bullets and knives,
Now the only hope rested on one man to save their lives.
Gordon darted to the rooftops in a mad dash,
Running up the steps like the speedster named Flash.
Lighting the beacon for hope, a bat covered the sky,
Quieting the streets as the citizens yelled for help in a single cry.
A hum filled the silent air of the night
As everyone knew who would soon appear.
Swooping down from the shadows the villains would shout
“Oh No! The Dark Knight! he’s here!”
Now Batgirl, now Robin, now Nightwing and Batwoman,
The whole batfamily had arrived, with extra help from Catwoman.
The prisoners fell one by one at the hands of these heroes,
The Joker grew increasingly frustrated as his numbers dwindled to zero.
While nearly invisible for the breakout’s suppression,
Batman walked foward ready to give the Joker his final lesson.
Punch, block, kick, and chop,
The laughter was hushed with the good guys coming out on top.
With the night won our heroes vanished without a sound,
leaving the fallen crooks in arrestable mounds.
Gordon returned to his car after a long day’s work,
To his surprise a gift was left in the backseat,
A face with a silent smirk.
The Joker layed defeated wrapped up with a bow,
With a note from from the stopper of his violent show.
“Merry Christmas Commissioner and have a safe night
From Batman aka The Dark Knight”


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