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They Blew It

December 5, 2011
By J.D. Cook

Packers vs. Giants on December 4thA Loss is A Loss. There are losses that empower a team. There are losses that send a team to the Super bowl. This was not one of them for the New York Giants. They played a fantastic game most of the afternon, and then they blew it.

The Packers are a phenomenal team, and the Giants should take heart in that they danced toe-to-toe with them, but when all is said and done this is still the fourth straight loss for the once NFC East leading Giants. Four weeks ago the Giants were being talked about as possibly securing a bye week and home field advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Now it is a fight just to make the playoffs, something that would not happen if the season ended today.

The Giants still control their destiny if they can defeat the Dallas Cowboys twice, but things look very grim if they do not win this week in Dallas, especially with a cross-town matchip against the New York Jets laying in between those two matchups against their division rival. This week’s game against the Cowboys is an absolute must win.


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