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“Thank God It’s Christmas”

by Queen

Christmas Song 11

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This is a Christmas rock song that has virtually fallen into oblivion. Sure it’s not the greatest Christmas song in the world. It’s virtually perfect in the number eleven spot, but come on!? It’s Freddie Mercury singing. That guy had some fantastic vocals, and this song demonstrates them with gusto.

Co-written by drummer Roger Taylor, the drums have a smooth grooving feeling, albeit very processed. Mercury’s backing key boards and occasional Christmas bells give the song that holiday feeling it needs. The addition of the guitar later in the song by the other co-writer, Brian May adds some earthiness, but the song would benefit from more of it. The piece never quite transcends the mellowness or the kareoke-like quality of the song.

Lyrically it is just as simple, but with Mercury’s soaring vocals during the chorus and bridge, it is quite easy on the ears during the Christmas season, and that is why it made this list.


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