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Giant Foot On the Cowboys Throat

January 2, 2012
By J.D. Cook

Giants 31, Cowboys 14The Giants kicked ass this week. Quite literally everything went right for them in the first half. Fumbles bounced back to them receivers slipped tackles and defense shut down “big game” Romo and the rest of the Cowboys offense. The 2nd half was a bit more even, but as soon as the fourth quarter rolled around the Giants put the Cowboys away. Cruz and Manning are shaping up into a real “dynamic duo” as they both manage to make enough moves to keep plays alive.

There really is not much to say about this game. The Giants showed up and knew their season was on the line and the Cowboys didn’t. Romo may put up decent numbers but he really has never shown up in a big game. This choking goes back to his first playoff game where he lost the snap that would have led to the winning field goal against Seattle many years ago. That said, the commentators wouldn’t let those of us watching the game forget that Romo was playing hurt and that he was “tough”.

Honestly, I thought the Giants were the best team in the NFC East at the beginning of this season as they had a good mix of veterans and young players. That said, the slide in the middle of the season really shook my faith in this team. But seeing them win the last couple of weeks has restored my faith in the Gmen. This is a team that always steps up when they need to. That is their persona.
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The Giants are a fourth quarter team, and Manning is fourth quarter player. All of this said two of the three wins in the last stretch of the season came against the Cowboys so whether the team can really make an impact in the playoffs is yet to be seen.

Of course, now that the Giants are in the playoffs the season no longer matters and every play matters a great deal more, and as stated the Gmen do play great in the clutch. We’ll see whether they can keep up their momentum against a good Atlanta Falcons team this Sunday.


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