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Giants Win Super Bowl!

By J.D. Cook

Eli Manning Holds the LombardiTrophyWell 24 hours has passed since the Super Bowl and it is officially digested. It was awesome! Before the game, I had privately predicted a blow out by the Giants. I knew it was unlikely, but I felt the Giants highly out-matched the Patriots across the board. Well, I was wrong about the score, but the Giants did ultimately defeat the Patriots due to a superior defense and offense (and some luck).

Remember when Tom Brady was as clutch as it got in the 4th quarter? That was seven years ago. Since the Broncos broke the Patriots post-season win streak in the 2005 playoff, it hasn’t seemed like Brady has been the same clutch player and his post-season record is just 6-6 since (it was 10-0 before that point). He is still great, but he doesn’t seem to have that ‘it’ factor. That ‘it’ factor currently resides with Eli Manning, who took the Giants down the field with ease to score the game winning touchdown and secured his second Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award. Eli and the Giants are 8-1 in the post-season since 2007 and seven of those eight victories were away from home, with two World Championships. What is scary is that, much like in 2007, this roster is filled with players on the rise. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are only going to get better, and Eli Manning is a now proven commodity. I do not think it’s a bold prediction to say the Giants could be in this game again next year.

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The Patriots never really looked like a Super Bowl caliber team. Brady made a stupid mistake to give the Giants two points to start the game, their defensive backs seemed inept most of the game, and the Giants were able to run the ball truly effectively for the first time all season. Ahmad Bradshaw’s head was in the right place when he tried to stop, but I think scoring a touchdown is always the best decision.

Cruz showed up with a clutch touchdown pass early in the game, while Jake Ballard and Henry Hynoski were both bruising people out of the backfield. Even Brandon Jacobs looked five years younger as he barreled into defenders. Once again the unsung hero of this Super Bowl is Justin Tuck who had two sacks; one of which came with the game on the line and the Patriots in need of a score.

I honestly have little to say about this game. It was fantastic to watch and tremendous fun, but it could never live up to their 2007 title. Once you have beaten an undefeated team in the Super Bowl nothing else quite compares.

Also that half time show was quite lame…


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