February 22, 2012
By Nick Galasso



Release Date: November 23, 2011

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Ben Kingsley; Asa Butterfield; Chloe Moretz; Sacha Baron Cohen; Jude Law; Christopher Lee; Helen McCroy; Michael Stuhlbarg; Emily Mortimer

Production: Paramount Pictures, GK Films, Infinitum Nihil

Runtime: 126 minutes


I earlier wrote a more-detailed review of Hugo for this site. Therefore, I’m going to keep this very short and you can just go to the full review for more info. With Hugo Martin Scorsese transforms what could have been an ordinary kids’ film into a film with an appeal for all audiences, especially those who have a love for cinema. Particularly noteworthy are its visually striking images, and actor Ben Kingsley in his best performance in a very long time. This easily goes down as one of Scorsese’s best films, even superseding some of the crime films for which he is generally known.

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