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More Spring Game Releases!

May 29, 2012
By Jacob Albano

One of the things I never understand about video game companies is their insistance that the release dates be in the fall. Big titles are always released in the fall, opposed to being released in the spring or summer where dedicated students like myself would be able to get more playing time and value out of these. I understand the financial reasons for a fall release – to hit the Christmas crowd. But honestly, I never have time to play them during that busy time. If games were released in the spring or summer, people would get much more play value out of these games.

By the time summer rolls around, I’m bored with most fall releases. I understand it is important to think about profit, but when you look at games like Call Of Duty, they have a huge fan base to live off. They can still make most of their money off of their release whether or not it comes in the Christmas season. This is just something that I believe should be looked into by game companies.

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