Batman: Arkham City

July 16, 2012
by J.D. Cook

What do you mean my voice is annoying now?Part of Gotham has been turned into a prison? What is this Escape from New York? Where is Kurt Russel?! Strangely this concept works great for the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. The story is one of the best straight plots in video games (straight meaning non player affected plots here). This game is full of great moments; none better then the final confrontation with the Joker. Everything that was good about the first game has been improved in this one. The map is wider, Batman’s given the ability to glide, there are a few new gadgets and you can even play as Robin and Catwoman in separate stories. My only complaint is Harley Quinn’s voice actor who changed from Arleen Sorkin to Tara Strong. Strong’s pitch actually hurt my ears a bit whereas Sorkin always made her sound like she should be annoying without actually annoying me. It was a charm Sorkin had for the character that actually affected my pleasure while playing the game a bit.

More of Batman’s baddies show up in this game and many more are alluded to. There are also some interesting set ups for what could be an amazing third game. What really blows me away about this one is that there is a twist ending that rivals a few movies I’ve seen. The recently released D.L.C, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, is also fairly fun if a little too short and too full of Strong’s Quinn for my ears. I would say this game perfectly captures the comic book experience of reading Batman in video game form and is a must play for enthusiasts of the character.

9 out of 10 Bigbluebullfrog Leaps


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