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Obama Thinks All Women Are Stupid

by Karyn Albano

Romney and Obama at the second debateAn obscure comment by Mitt Romney at this past Tuesday’s presidential debate has been inflated by the Obama campaign and his cheerleaders in the media to try imply something so absurd that only the least intellectually engaged could actually believe it.

Apparently abandoning their unsuccessful “Big Bird” initiative, the Obama campaign has moved on to pick out and distort another totally irrelevant phrase from a debate to try and distract voters from the horrible economy. This time it is “binders full of women”, referring to a rather uncontroversial statement about getting qualified women in his cabinet when Governor of Massachusetts. In the heat of the moment, Romney omitted a word or two and now dishonest operatives are spreading this to the mindless lemmings through the lazy media.

As I mentioned in a previous article called Misogyny and the Mainstream Media, the current argument from the left implies women don’t have the power to say no or make the right choices in taking the correct precautions unless the government or our employers protect us. According to the left, all we care about is reproduction and this trumps everything including our education and careers. We need to be provided for because we can’t be expected to fight our own battles against the big, bad male-dominated society. Further, they think we will believe anything we are told to believe and will not research the facts. We will hysterically fall into line if we are told we have to pay for anything on our own or take responsibility for our own well-being.

I am insulted that female elitists feel that they can tell me what is best for me and try to scare me into believing things that just aren’t true. I am in touch with my feminine emotions, but I am not controlled by them – facts matter to me too. Women do think about things like “how do I get a better job?” and “how can I support myself and my family?” We don’t all just call ourselves victims of circumstance. We make choices and are fully capable of dealing with the consequences of those choices.

Busy does not equal stupid, Mr. President. If a woman is working a full time job and caring for children, she probably is too worried about making ends meet and raising her kids to pay a lot of attention to politics on a daily basis. They need to vote for someone they can trust. You do not earn that trust with bald face lies and telling them that it is not as bad as it seems and it will only get worse if you elect the other guy.

Mitt Romney is on the record stating that he does not want to change birth control stating that it is working just fine. Obama states Romney wants to hinder access to birth control and he expects us to believe this. Romney wants to hire women and pay them appropriately and has done so in the past. Obama pays female staffers less than their male counterparts while touting the Lily Ledbetter act, an utterly useless nod to beaurocracy which does much more harm to business than actual good for women. Romney wants women to be able to find better jobs in a better economy. Obama says this is what he wants, but goes about it by putting more people on food stamps and welfare and suggesting more dependency programs.

Women need independence and freedom to make choices – and not just about their reproductive rights. We care about jobs, the economy and preserving freedom. According to the Obama camp, we are just over–emotional baby machines who will vote for Democrats because we’re told to do so.


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