Black Ops II

December 9, 2012
By Jacob Albano

Black Ops IIBlack Ops 2 is the most recent installment to the Call of Duty franchise. Not much was expected out of this game when I first played it. And that’s just what it did; it met every expectation I thought the game would meet, at first. The multiplayer features almost the same layout as its predecessor Modern Warfare 3. The multiplayer features pretty much what every new Call of Duty game does: some new guns, new maps, and one or two new game modes. If you’re new to the franchise, then the multiplayer is perfect for you. However, if you’ve played these games before and are looking for something new, keep looking.

Now, I realize a lot of people are playing the game for one major reason; zombies. The zombie game mode features three new maps, and a new game mode called “Tranzit”. In this game mode you travel through three or four different maps via a bus. This gives the game a new strategy and makes it a bit more challenging. They also have the classic zombie mode that features three different maps to play. The only bad thing I’d say about the zombie proportion is that it features too many weapons from Black Ops.

The campaign is the greatest part of the game. The campaign is slow to start, the missions are boring, and the same as those in the previous ones. But after the first couple of missions, the game really kicks off. It features a surprisingly good campaign, and even allows you to make choices throughout the game. The campaign didn’t show its true glory, until the end, where it features five or six different endings. This is the best part of the game, it feels like what you did in the campaign actually had an effect.

If this game had more time to develop, it could’ve been a fantastic game. These games have true potential but unfortunately are rushed out. Call of Duty games should take more time on their releases. Releasing games every year rushes their titles, and the franchise as a whole. You don’t get the chance to get comfortable with the game before they’re shoving their next title or DLC down your throat. All in all, if you were looking to get this game for Christmas, and you’re a fan of first person shooters, get it.


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