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Sony Conference at E3 2

by Jake Albano

Sony certainly stole the spot light from Microsoft, yesterday during their E3 conference. Ignoring what I may think about both the products, it cannot be denied that Sony took full advantage at taking shots at Microsoft. Sony has also been relentless with making fun of Microsoft because of the mass anger and confusion dealing with Microsoft’s used game situation. They’ve even gone as far as to upload a video on their main Youtube channel title, “Official Playstation Used Game Instructional Video” where it, again, pokes fun at Microsoft’s used game ordeal.

But enough about that, let’s talk about the games presented there.  Sony opened up talking a bit about the Playstation  Vita, and then  they showed trailers for upcoming PS4 in the fleshgames that will be released onto the PS3. Among the trailers were two trailers that caught my eye; The Last of Us (which is only because I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time) and Beyond: Two Souls. Now, just these two games alone will sort of represent the main difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. Microsoft focuses primarily on big, expansive, loud, games like Battlefield, and Call of Duty, which can easily be franchised, while Sony focuses more on a cinematic experience. Of course this isn’t the case all the time i.e Metal Gear Solid, which is notorious for its long cutscenes, was announced at Microsoft’s conference, and Killzone was announced at Sony’s, which is an FPS.

One thing that Sony did learn from their release of the PS3 was not to over price, and not to make too clunky of a machine. Both of these worked, the PS4 is very slim,  and comes at only $400, which is cheaper than the Xbox One, and what the original price of the PS3 was. In  the end, the PS4 is just another gaming system, no better, no worse than any other, mainly due to the fact it hasn’t been released. Let’s just wait until both the Xbox One, and the PS4 are released to judge which is better. However, Sony had a better press conference than Microsoft.

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