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Schizophrenic Season Start

by Tuesday Morning Tailback

Three weeks ago, during my 2013 Season Preview, I listed my predictions for each of the eight division champions. Among these were the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers. These four teams are a combined 2-10 so far this season and, along with the disappointing Redskins and Vikings, represent the negative side of this year’s unpredictability.

Now, before I totally give up on my prognosticating ability, it must also be pointed out that my other four picks for division champion – New England, Indianapolis, Denver, and New Orleans – are a combined 11-1. The Saints join the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs as the three teams that had losing records last season but have started this season 3-0. In fact, the Chiefs have already surpassed their win total from last year when they went 2-14.

And that brings us to a perfect illustration of this year’s craziness. Check out this week’s upcoming matchup between the New York Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from Denver and Seattle, no one has played better than the Chiefs this year and it is hard to argue that any team has played worse than the Giants over the past game and a half. By all logical reasoning, this should be an easy pick in favor of Kansas City. Still, early odds on this game only favor KC by about 4 points and I’m sure many are hesitant to confidently pick the worst team from last season again a team crowned Super Bowl Champions just 19 months ago.

It has been a crazy and unpredictable start of the 2013 season but there is a long way to go, folks.


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