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American Horror Story: Coven Begins

by Peggy Fay Albano

Episode 1: “Bitchcraft”

As the Season 3 title infers, Coven is about witches. It portrays events from the days of the Salem Witch Trials and the present day.

The story is, in part, about a young girl who inadvertently causes the death of her boyfriend. Her parents realizing she had the “witch” gene, had her taken away to a house for witches to learn how to control her powers. There she met other witches with different powers. There is even a witch who has the power of a voodoo doll. If she wants to inflict pain on someone, she will pierce herself without feeling the pain, but the object of her infliction will certainly feel it.

Many of the same actors we’ve come to know in this series have once again returned. This season, however, has a big plus with the appearance of Kathy Bates, among others. Kathy’s acting is terrific, or should I say horrific? I think she was born to portray an evil person, she does it so well.

This is as good as any horror show gets and I highly recommend it.

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