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Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

by Jake Albano

*****Spoilers Below!*****

The premiere episode of The Walking Dead season four was, to say the least, disappointing. For a season premiere episode there was a lot of filler and nothing really substantial happened until the very end of the episode.

At the very beginning it is established that the main group at the prison has made a farm out of the prison yard and that the new people who migrated from the Governor’s town last season have proven helpful in doing tasks in their new community. So, after they establish this, then what?

Nothing of importance happens until the very end, where we see that one of the new kids (his name escapes me) has been infected with some unknown ailment, which leaves him dead in the shower and turned into a walker without any apparent bite. This is previewed by the mysterious deaths of a few animals.

So, beyond the first 10 minutes, and the very last 5, what else happens?
Nothing really. The things that happen in between have no importance whatsoever (at least not on the surface). There is a bit of character development for a couple new guys, but they were both dead by the end of the episode, so this was really pointless.

I read that last night’s episode broke some cable viewing records, which makes it all the more frustrating that there is so little substance. Let’s just hope the next episode has more to offer.

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