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Burn Witch, Burn!

by Peggy Fay Albano

New Orleans 1833:
We are shown here, how very evil Madame Lalaurie really was. She even had her three daughters caged up in her dungeon (for a year) because they were plotting to kill her.

Present Day:
All hell breaks loose! The academy is surrounded by the “walking dead” (or is that a different show?) Fiona discovers Cordelia has had acid thrown in her face. After being told by the doctor that Cordelia will be blind, she freaks out. She takes drugs and liquor and walks into the hospital room of a woman who just had a stillborn baby. Fiona places her hands on the baby and the baby opens its eyes. Makes me wonder, why she can’t restore her daughters sight, or, if not her, why can’t one of the other witches?

Cordelia’s murderous husband comes to visit her and when he takes her hand, she wakes in horror “seeing” him kill the woman he had been with.

In the meantime, the maid sees her undead daughter through the widow. She goes outside to beg her forgiveness for having been such a monstrous mother, but her daughter attacks her. The maid has no other resource but to “kill” her.

Luke confronts the undead. Nan goes out to help him. Marie Leveau (who is levitating at the time, in her own place) causes the undead to attack them. Loe then gets a chainsaw and makes mincemeat out of them. This causes Marie to fall to the floor. She then realizes there’s a powerful witch in the academy.

The Witches Council comes to the academy and demands Fiona to step down from her post of being the supreme. Fiona blames one member of the council, Myrtle (Frances Conroy) for blinding her daughter. She proves this by having them expose her right hand which apparently had been partially eaten by acid. She even had me convinced, but we later discover she had Queenie’s help to pull the deception off. The remaining two members of the council ordered Myrtle to be burned. They all proceeded to the stake to carry out the sentence. After tying Myrtle to the stake, Fiona throws her lit cigarette toward her and she’s engulfed in flames.

Later on, Loe goes to the burned body of Myrtle and awakens her….

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