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The Axeman Cometh

by Peggy Fay Albano

New Orleans 1919:
The city is being terrified by a serial killer who is referred to as the “Axeman”. He put an ad in the local newspaper saying that on the following Tuesday night in every location in the city, there will be jazz music playing…or else. That Tuesday night, he’s walking down the street enjoying “all that jazz” until he only hears classical music coming from the witches academy. He enters at his own peril. The witches take matters into their own knife wielding hands and the Axeman is no more…

Present Day:
Loe discovers a hidden panel in a closet. She finds (among other things) a Magic Board. She convinces the two others to use it to find out about Madison. They find the spirit of the Axeman who had been slayed in that very room. The two others refuse to continue so Loe continues on her own. She promised the axeman she’d do anything for him if he led her to Madison… he agreed. When she discovers the body of Madison in the butler’s living space in the attic, she gets the others to question and torture the butler until he confesses to the crime (Nan reads his mind). After all that, they did not believe him anyway. Go figure! They then bring Madison back to life and Loe takes her to Misty Day’s house to get her body repaired. There she meets up with Frankenkyle who seems very happy to see her.

Well, what do you know? Cordelia’s husband Hank is in cahoots with Marie LeVeau. What a shocker! Hank confronts Marie about blinding his wife, but she denies it. I tend to believe her. Marie then orders him to bring her the heads of all the witches.

Cordelia goes into the room where the Axeman met his fate and “sees” him standing there. Apparently she can only see dead people. This reminded me of a movie I once saw. He tries to kill her with his axe but her screams brought the witches to her rescue. Unfortunately, they seemed to have “rescued” the Axeman as well.

Fiona is in the clinic for a treatment. She tells the doctor about her worries of losing her hair and asks if he thinks she has time for one last romantic fling. He says, absolutely! Later that night she’s in a bar and notices she is losing her hair. She is sadly sipping her drink when a handsome elderly gentleman sits down beside her. He begins to charm her and she’s thrilled! Little did she know that he was none other than…the Axeman.

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