Comic Book CommentaryFall 2013

Eon Viant

by J.D. Cook

The best part about reviewing comic books is that people occasionally send me stuff I get REALLY excited about. This was the case with Eon Viant.  The story follows a crack team of soldiers before focusing in on the main character Gabriel Honor. He is a man with a nearly unlimited amount of power. Essentially he is a living interface with the world. So he can manipulate bricks to become a chain around an enemy, turn cars into his personal guns or anything else he wants to do involving the world we live in. He is dubbed an Eon Viant by his peers, hence the comic book’s title. Obviously the story wouldn’t be very interesting if he was the only Eon Viant though. In the pages I read he came up against two foes that had his powers and one of them wielded those powers with arguably more skill and knowledge. You will have to read the comic book for yourself to see if he comes out on top.

Releasing a comic book on the web is a tricky prospect this day in age. Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin have probably done it better than anyone else with the Private Eye but that is due at least in part to their experience and popularity among the main stream comic book industry. It is much harder and daring for a virtually unknown creator to do the same thing. So it is immensely impressive to see the series creator James Hill doing just that, especially on facebook! It is a good way to start building the series and not have to go through a publisher to do it. William Allan Reyes’ art is fantastic. Although it is black and white it never fails to give depth and excitement to every panel. It certainly seems to be influenced by anime and I think that might be why I like it so much. As I read the story I just sort of pictured it all happening like an anime in my head.

One of the tricky things about Eon Viant is that it is a story told in snap shots. So pages don’t exactly directly follow one another. There may be a fight about to happen on one page and on the next the victor is standing over his foe. Even with the snap shot style I think most readers will be hooked on the story by page 16. This style is done because the comic is trying to drive interest in the story and it’s one of many reasons I’d love to see this as a full comic book. Eon Viant’s creator James Hill is currently running a Kickstarter for the story. I highly recommend checking it out HERE and putting some money into seeing this awesome story get further developed. I mean how else will I find out the back story of the Universe Gabriel inhabits? Or if he will turn on humanity and the House of Knights?! I’m hooked on this story and I definitely need to see it come to fruition so that I can get my fill of it.

See you next ‘Thor’s Day’ for another Comic Book Commentary!

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