Nutshell Review

The Private Eye Issue 1

by Ra’Chaun Rogers

Written By: Brian K. Vaughan

Pencils By: Marcos Martin

Color: Muntsa Vicente

 In the future, the “cloud” will burst, and every single digital secret that anyone has ever had will be brought to light. When this happens, secret identities and masks will become very popular, or at least that’s what writer, Brian K. Vaughan and artist, Marcos Martin predict in the Private Eye. The story of Patrick Immelman , the private investigator, who digs into secret identities for clients and is thrown for a loop when a client comes looking for information on themselves. Vaughn and Martin have crafted an interesting and strange world, a world where the press is the law and cell phones don’t work at all. The main plot is a bit of a mystery, which may very well be the point, but the atmospheric quirks like the dream coat or guns that fire paintball pellets instead of bullets is a great way to make the world it’s own.  I also must say that I am very happy with the duo’s choice to make the main character Black, which seems to be a current theme with Vaughn. The most interesting thing about the comic is not it’s content, but it’s layout and distribution. Firstly, this is a comic strip landscape-style layout.  Secondly, it’s digital-only release. Thirdly, it’s not DRM.  Fourthly, it’s pay what you want.  While the first issue isn’t the best I’ve ever read, I look forward to the next installment. 

Nutshell Reviews6 out of 10 Bigbluebullfrog Leaps!

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