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Cain Is Able

September 23, 2011
By Sinclair Soul

Herman CainI find the recent surge of Herman Cain among Republican contenders to be a pleasant surprise. I was almost starting to buy into the latest narrative that the race for the GOP nomination was really only between two guys – Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Watching the first four of five debates, I’ve been ever-more impressed by Cain’s 9-9-9 fiscal plan. A 9% flat income tax, 9% capital gains tax, and a 9% general sales tax. The first two 9’s pretty much get rid of this bullshit about Warren Buffet’s secretary paying a higher rate than he, while the third 9 empowers Americans to pay taxes on a more voluntary basis. In a time of economic crisis, Herman Cain has actually come up with a clear, precise, honest, and (apparently) un-coruptable solution that is thus far superior than anything anything another candidate (or the President) has put forth.

However, I’m quite amazed by how quickly Herman Cain is dismissed and ignored by the media which is supposed to serve the public with unbiased information, not decree what or who is legitimate. Just check out the video on this page, which shows how ABC news reported Cain’s victory last week in the Florida straw poll, note the strong, bewildered accent by this “objective mainstream reporter” when he declares Cain the winner.

Herman Cain should not be discounted simply because he is the kind of leader our country desperately needs right now. I know that he is not the first choice of the Republican Establishment, or any of the political/media elite circles, and that’s a plus for me. He owes his success in life to hard work. He has successfully managed people, balanced budgets, and made tough decisions. He understands what government needs to do to encourage businesses to create jobs – key words being that businesses create jobs. Government does not create jobs, it only creates the need for more taxpayers.

What the media is missing is that Cain appeals to conservative voters because he appears to be a genuine common sense person who says what he means and means what he says. One gets the impression he will lead with decisive conviction. He has a well reasoned plan, he is consistent, and he is credible. He appears to be a leader who can direct the executive branch of our government and forgo the need to be a nanny who tells us how or when to get medical care, what to eat, or what to drive.

I must admit that the thought of Herman Cain as Republican nominee also has an appealing superficial element to it. Just imagine if we can somehow avid the shit storm of racism charges which will be launched by the left with ever-greater intensity over the next 13 months. This will be done, of course, to divert attention from the serious economic issues we face and the Administration’s failure to solve these issues. How can opposing Obama be racism if one is supporting another African American? Well, obviously, one’s support of Herman Cain only further proves one’s deeply embedded racism. In a dialogue among idiots Janeane Garofalo explains to Keith Obermann how this surge in support for Herman Cain was to “hide the racist elements of the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement”. Try to wrap your mind around that for a minute.

But back to the real world. As one who never held political office, of course there are many, many questions about how a President Cain would govern, as well there should be. He should be well vetted and strongly scrutinized, just like ALL presidential candidates should be. Let the people decide on his merit if he is suited for the job, not the political elite.


The Soul of the Nation Article LogoSinclair Soul is a championship-level background singer and now political columnist for BigBlueBullfrog.com. His column, “The Soul of the Nation” thoroughly examines the state of American politics and culture from a Soul perspective.

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  • Oh God, I hate Janeane Garofalo's mentality. I would say I hate Janeane Garofalo, but I like Mystery Men, so there's redemption there.

    Seriously. If we don't vote for a black man, thats racist. If we do…it's…still racist because we're trying to cover up our racism…what? Ugh

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