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New York Comic Con, Day 3

The Best of Them All

October 15, 2011
By J.D. Cook

The Cultural Communist and I set out early at the crack of eight forty five on Saturday. We both wanted to get to Comic Con early for our last day attending. We both had engagements the next day. I had a Breast Cancer Walk to attend and him…well…who knows what that guy does? Anyway we arrived at the Javits Center right at ten and were happily surprised when our Press Badges got us past a gigantic line. Once inside the Cultural Communist went off in pursuit of finding Cos-Play girls and I headed over to the Dark Horse Comics booth where the lead writer of Mass Effect, Mac Walters, was signing autographs. I inquired about an interview. I am not sure if that will definitely happen yet but be sure to check back often for updates.

"Walters at Comic Con"
Mac Walters signing Autographs at Comic Con

After getting Mr. Walters’s autograph and taking a silly picture with a Mass Effect style rifle I moved around the show floor and to my surprise ran into the prolific English actor Ian McNeice. After taking some pictures I moved on to try and get Tim Sale, the famous comic artist of such classics as Batman: The Long Halloween, and Batman: Dark Victory, to sign an autograph for me. Unfortunately he wasn’t signing. He’s my only loose end from Comic-Con. I really wish I had waited in line the first day or two to get his autograph. Alas I moved on; if you could call what I was doing moving. Saturday was by far the most crowded of the three days I had been there. It was like an army of Supermen, Sexy Female Marios, and Batman’s had invaded New York City. I heard from a friend that one spirited Cos-Player had gone topless outside; unfortunately I missed this bit of excitement as I was pressed to a wall trying to breathe and not get trampled. It actually got to the point where I could not stand it anymore and left the show floor in disgust.

"Crowded Times"
A small glimpse of the Comic Con Crowd

I went to wait in line for the Mass Effect panel an hour early, but to my horror there were already at least a hundred people in front of me. I sat off in a corner disgusted with life. I contemplated leaving and then suddenly I was saved by Chris. They will sing tales of his great deed one day, but for now I will recount it as such. Just as the line was about to move into the panel room I spotted Chris. He beckoned to me from the midst of the hoard which tried to move the line forward. He valiantly held them off with one hand whilst clobbering security with the other. It was like 300 but way more crazy…ok so maybe that didn’t happen, but he did let me into the line. I am forever in his debt. Without him I wouldn’t have any information for my article on the Mass Effect Panel.

After that panel I moved to wait in line for the Resident Evil Panel. Here things got really out of hand. Security, tired from the crowds began to get down right belligerent. As a result the fans got more rowdy. Naturally it was extremely fun. As I waited in line to get into the Resident Evil Panel I stood next to a very tall loud man who was quite amusing and a Ghostbuster whose proton pack was in the shop. They both made the hour wait bearable. What happened in that panel is beyond secret…so I will give everyone the full details in another article in the far future! All I will say here is that I met a dear friend whilst in there and she asked a very valid question which was not given a satisfactory answer.

Well after the Resident Evil Panel the sun had set and time wore on. Oliver arrived via taking a ferry over the River Styx (a.k.a. the Hudson) and I met up with a pink haired Link. We all attended the last panel of the day. The Hobbit Panel! Unfortunately the panel was a bit dull. We were all tired and the panel just sort of restated things I already knew about the film. This is the only panel that won’t get its own article. I did luckily meet a very nice new friend and she kept the panel interesting for me. After that Link, Oliver, and I headed back to the ferry gleefully skipping the whole way.

"Nick making strange faces"
Link and I riding the Ferry back to our Normal Lives

Well that’s it. That about wraps everything up in a great big bow; I hope you have enjoyed reading this Comic Con round up and I hope you check back here for the Mass Effect Panel Good Day to you all.

J.D. Cook

I'm Jerry...Housewares...and writer...overall Renaissance Man

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