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Victory is Sweet

December 12, 2011
By J.D. Cook

Giants block last second FG attempt by Cowboys on Sunday night, December 11thMy first beef with last night’s win was this; there were far too many flags that impacted the game for both teams. I think penalties, unless extremely violent in nature, should never give a team fresh downs or field position that creates go ahead touchdowns. When the refs have the power to influence the game I worry how much say the players have. That being said, I am happy to breathe a huge sigh of relief as the Giants finally broke their four game skid.

The team’s last win seems like it was ages ago, coming on the first week of November. This win sets up a likely showdown for all the marbles when the teams meet again at the Met on New Year’s day. Still every game is important and the Giants have the Redskins at home before they “travel” (which in this case means switching sidelines) to face off with the cross-town rival Jets, in what should be a charged game between two teams fighting for the playoffs. Dallas must get through the Buccaneers and the Eagles before that final showdown, which will happen unless one of these teams totally collapses. Hopefully the Giants can ride last night’s victory straight into the playoffs, but I am skeptical for now as their defense hasn’t been able to hold offenses back of late.
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Now let’s take a moment to bask in this victory. Pierre-Paul played a monster of a game, forcing fumbles, getting safeties, and blocking field goals. Manning had a 400-yard game, and Jacobs reminded me of his 2007 self as he leveled Dallas defenders left and right. He even hurtled one defender proving that he is more than just a bruiser. Let’s not forget Hakeem Nicks as well. Steve Smith who?

The Cowboys are the most marketed team in the NFL and seeing them lose is always fun. Over my time as an NFL fan I have learned that besides watching Fox’s Pre-Game show it’s a bit pointless to indulge in the sports media. They are consumerist whores who will sell the Cowboys (or the Lakers or the Yankees, etc.) as the team of the day no matter if they are good or not because they have the largest fan base and thus give them the best market. It’s a sad state of journalistic affairs.

Ok, off my high horse now. The win is made sweeter by the shocked look on Jerry Jones’ face. It’s as if he is thinking, “We can’t loose! It’s not possible!”

Ah words cannot express my joy at beating “America’s Team” last night. That is all.


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