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“Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy”

by David Bowie & Bing Crosby

Rock Christmas Song 12

YouTube Video of Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy

Listen to the Song:


It must first be stated that this song marks the only partial cover on this list (Bowie’s “Peace On Earth” part was original, while Crosby sang the traditional “Little Drummer Boy”). The rest of the songs in our countdown are completely original compositions by the artists and each Christmas song from here on has a rock theme to it. So why does this song make the cut? Well it is fantastic! It’s DAVID BOWIE and BING CROSBY! I smell a sitcom!

In all seriousness, it’s a great little song that feels like Christmas. Two totally different people coming together to sing a song for a television special, only around Christmas could this happen. The event is made more special by the fact that Crosby died very soon after recording this. Of course this isn’t the greatest song in the world, but both Crosby and Bowie are great singers and hearing their duet just powers up my Christmas batteries. So that is why it comes into the list, but only at number twelve because it is not an original, or a rock song.

This little duet actually inspired another duet. John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell got together last Christmas and did a cover of this cover. What’s hilarious is that the video is a near perfect copy of the original, except for the ending which is mighty funny.

I suggest watching the original followed directly by this parody.


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  • I know I haven't seen the rest of the list, but I know this song should be higher. Possibly in the #1 position.

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