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The music industry is defined by genre. Some of the more popular genres are rock, hip-hop, country, rap, pop, and the blues. Yet there is a constant evolution of new genres and blending genres. One of these new genres has been dubbed Nerd Rock, by its followers and the performers who lie within it. This genre draws on inspiration from comic books, video games, movies, television, nerd romance, and the world of fantasy.

This new musical phenomenon is taking the internet by storm and being spearheaded by musical groups and artists like brentalfloss, The Megas, The Protomen, and Kirby Krackle. Each have their own take on this new musical genre, and illustrate how wide Nerdcore’s musical range is. So please enjoy as Bigbluebullfrog’s very own Nick Larsen profiles these bands starting January 12th and will continue with a new article each week for four weeks.

Nerd Rock

Thursday, January 12thbrentalfloss
Thursday, January 19thThe Megas
Thursday, January 26thThe Protomen
Thursday, February 2ndKirby Krackle

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