Truth and Untruth

March 31, 2012
By Sinclair Soul

Philosopher's StoneThis article is in response to The Cultural Communist’s recent article on Good and Evil.

While there may be order and chaos in the universe, they are not opposing forces. In fact, some believe that they may be mutually exclusive in that order is just perceived or chaos is just order which we do not yet understand.

When applied to humanity, the Cultural Communist translates order and chaos to good and evil. I find this analogy incorrect in that much evil has been born out of total order and tremendous amount of good has come from apparent spontaneity. Further, there is much interpretation when interpreting good and evil in the vast amount of situations. I’m not talking about the 5 or 10% of extreme cases where it very apparent whether something is good or evil, but of the vast, garden variety group of everyday situations when there is much nuance in the moral value of any given decision. Not to sound like a moral relativist, but most of these situations may legitimately be interpreted by different people in different ways. This is way freewill (another recent Cultural Communist article) and moral character are so important. One who exercises freewill wisely makes good decisions when the correct path is not so clear.

While good and evil are most definitely present and probably play a more prominent role in realms beyond our comprehension, I think that the true opposing forces in the observable universe are truth and untruth. Here is where good and evil may translate best, as ignorance and deception about any subject carries with it a certain degree of evil. Of course, we can’t account for the vast amount of unknowns about the universe and other macro and micro systems by categorizing as either good or evil.

But there is an absolute truth about everything, whether order or chaos, that lights the clear path forward. The largest evil we must confront is the predilection by some to alter, bend, muddy, or propagandize these truths to further agendas based on untruths.


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