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05/31/12 Sex and Automobiles
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05/28/12 Men In Black 3 A Review
05/24/12 The Vile, 4-Letter ‘F’ Word
05/23/12 Prometheus Preview
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05/05/12 The Avengers: A Review

April 29, 2012
Avengers Assembly in April
J.D. Cook

When I decided to take a break from writing my paper to get some sun in Manhatten, I assumed the whole trip would take a little under 3 hours putting me back at school in time to start my paper. How wrong I was!


April 23, 2012
If I Wanted America to Fail
Free Market America

Movie Review

April 20, 2012
Hunger Games Review
Oliver Layco

There are always going to be details missing from a book when translated to movie adaptation. However, The Hunger Games did a good job at covering up what was missing and emphasizing other aspects.


The Cultural Communist

April 13, 2012
An Egotistical Review of Love
The Cultural Communist

What’s love got to do with philosophy? Well, quite a bit actually, as I believe in an egotistical view of love. To love someone is a selfish act because by making them happy, you make yourself happy.


Imaginary Lines

April 7, 2012
The Poet Warrior
Ric Albano

Today is a suitable day to reflect, since it all really began on this date a long time ago. With the hills of ecstasy and valleys of frustration came the ultimate scheme. Enter 33.


The World

April 3, 2012
Star Wars One Man Show
Nick Larsen

Charlie Ross does a one man show, re-enacting the original Star Wars trilogy in a one hour and using no props or set decoration.


Big Blue Bullfrog Special Preview

April 2, 2012
The Avengers Preview
J.D. Cook

The culmination of four years of work, The Avengers is looming like some giant mountain in the distance that we never thought we’d reach, only to discover that we have finally arrived at its foot!


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