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The Cultural Communist

March 30, 2012
I’m the Lad Who Hates Internet Fads
The Cultural Communist

The Internet brings us instant gratification for almost any one of our sensory desires. However, with that availability there comes a downside, for me at least.


Game Review by Big Blue Bullfrog

March 29, 2012
Why All the Madness?
J.D. Cook

Mass Effect 3 is 99.9% fantastic and saying the game has disappointed you completely due only to the ending is childish.


The Cultural Communist

March 28, 2012
Good and Evil
The Cultural Communist

There has been a constant struggle which has lasted as long as humanity between the two forces at opposite ends of the moral spectrum; good and evil.
A response, called Truth and Untruth by Sinclair Soul


Big Blue Bullfrog Sports

March 27, 2012
Gone Fishing
Oliver Layco

I was excited when the Lakers acquired Ramon Sessions for Luke Walton but then I found out about a second trade and that Derek Fisher was no longer a Laker.


Kevin Smith Book

March 26, 2012
Meeting Kevin Smith
J.D. Cook

This past week I was priviledged to meet the king of Indy films himself, Kevin Smith. This is a man who came from New Jersey and made it huge, a true success story that nerds like myself can stand behind.


Game Review by Big Blue Bullfrog

March 24, 2012
Mario Party 9
Nick Larsen

With a five year hiatus from any major console release, the long awaited return of the Mario Party franchise has arrived, but was its return just a little too soon?


The Cultural Communist

March 18, 2012
The Cultural Communist

We can either live with the belief that our actions have meaning or that they do not. I like to believe that they do.


Big Blue Bullfrog endorses Mitt Romney for President

March 13, 2012
Mitt’s the Shitt
Big Blue Bullfrog Editors

Now is the opportune time for the Republican party to coalesce around the candidate who will be the 45th President of the United States, Mitt Romney.


March 12, 2012
Obama’s Million Dollar Man

The Cultural Communist

March 8, 2012
The Abortion Debate
The Cultural Communist

About a year or so ago, I ventured up the courage to ask my mother why she decided to have me. She was young at the time and a child certainly wouldn’t have been the easiest thing for her to handle. Her response was blunt and honest.
Abortion Debate Response by Sinclair Soul


2012 Election Icon

March 7, 2012
Super Tuesday
Big Blue Bullfrog

The biggest night of the primaries was held last night with 10 primaries held. Mitt Romney won six of the states, Rick Santorum won three, and Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia.


Nuts And Sluts

March 5, 2012
Nuts and Sluts –
Misogyny in Modern Politics

Karyn Albano

Rush Limbaugh made some crude and tasteless remarks last week when he called a Georgetown Law student who had recently testified before congress a “slut”. Limbaugh was immediately labeled a misogynist in the aftermath of outrage which followed. But this outrage is quite selective.


Big Blue Bullfrog Sports

March 2, 2012
NBA Catchup
Oliver Layco

Summing up the major stories in recent weeks in the NBA, including Lin-sanity, the NBA All Star game, and the possible fates of several players and one team.


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