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The Dark Knight Rises Preview

July 15, 2012
by Oliver Layco
The Dark Knight Rises PosterIt’s been 7 years since Christopher Nolan released what would be the beginning of his Batman trilogy. Batman Begins was an under appreciated movie that was extremely well done. Its sequel, The Dark Knight, was released in 2008 and was a monumental success. By the end of its run, it climbed to third on the all-time domestic box office with over $530 million; only recently eclipsed by The Avengers. This was another masterpiece by Nolan who was again underappreciated when it came to critical success. The only reason the Dark Knight received any acknowledgement from the Academy was due to the death of Heath Ledger; who played the Joker phenomenally. Either way, it was still a very well done sequel.

With less than a week to go, Dark Knight Rises is set to conclude what Nolan began all those years ago. The hype has reached a fever pitch in the weeks leading up to this release with new trailers, pictures, anything and everything related to the film slowly being released. At one point, there was even a campaign with chalk bats being drawn in different locations around the world. Personally, I am anticipating this movie much more than The Avengers. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just looking forward to this movie so much.

The theories are everywhere when it comes to the ending. One says that Joseph Gordon Bale is giving that awesome thing up!Levitt is secretly playing Robin. This wouldn’t make sense because Nolan said that this would be his last Batman film; so then it would be pointless to bring in such a large character arc in the final act of the trilogy. There would have to be a new Batman for future installments if they planned to continue the films with Batman and Robin because Christian Bale said this would be his last time putting on the cape and cowl. The bigger theory is that Batman will die. Now whether that means Batman/Bruce Wayne dies or that Bruce Wayne gives up the persona of Batman is up to debate. With Batman completely out of the picture, this would leave Robin or Levitt as Batman to be the future leading man. However, I think it will be the latter option and Bruce will simply give up the mantle after defeating Bane.

J.D. Cook’s Quick Thought!

I think Bruce will turn himself into the Police at the end of the Dark Knight Rises to show that he can’t be above the law and I think there is another villain that will show up in the final act of the film who will most likely be commanding Bane!

As for Bane himself; I’m pleased with how they edited his voice. It’s no longer the raspy Bane VS Batmanone we could barely understand in the earliest trailers or the nasally one that they changed it to. It’s now a clearer but still commanding voice. The battle between Bane and Batman looks like it’s going to be a battle of heavyweights. My theory is that Bane will break Batman in the film’s first act. Then when we see them fight in the streets and they stare each other down that’s a much latter act.Whether or not that’s the final act is yet to be seen!

As for Catwoman, I think it’s obvious that she’s going to be a double agent, but in the end she’ll be on Batman’s side. As for Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, they will also return as Bruce’s guiding spirits as he fights his demons to comeback. Lost in this whole mix is Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. I feel like he’s going to have a much bigger role in the end then Nolan has let us know so far.

Multiple viewings will be had between me and J.D. Cook. This is one of the most highly Nolan at the Grauman's Chinese Theater anticipated movies of the summer. Also, if this is successful, Nolan will have achieved what no one else has done in recent memory; the perfect superhero movie trifecta. This will be the first time that the entire trilogy of a superhero series; all three movies, have successfully succeeded its predecessor and actually been good films! If he achieves this, Christopher Nolan will further establish himself as one of the greatest under appreciated directors in Hollywood. I mean, he’s already had his hands cemented in the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood so maybe he’s on his way to some critical recognition!

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