Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

August 29, 2012
by J.D. Cook


As anybody who truly knows me can testify; I am a complete Mass Effect nerd. I have played all Shep under waterthree games, read one of the books and all of the comic books. I also have a Mass Effect wallet, hat and of course two t-shirts along with one other item which I will not mention for my reputation with the ladies sake…not that I really have one at the moment.  Anyway I was extremely excited for the first story based DLC from Mass Effect 3. All the DLC for Mass Effect 2 was stellar and in many ways turned the game from good to great for me. So does Leviathan do the same for Mass Effect 3?

Spoilers Here Down

 The DLC centers on Shepherds search for a lost Reaper killer known as the Leviathan. An Alliance Team called Aurora has discovered evidence of it that needs investigating so in swoops Shepherd to sort this situation out. The mission is broken into separate parts. You investigate a lab on the citadel then go do a mission then investigate the same lab, then do another mission; investigate the lab again and finally head for the final mission. The problem is that I saw everything there was to see in that lab the first time. It wasn’t an interesting enough location to warrant three visits. The battle sequences are all pretty short but fun.The tone of the whole DLC is very spooky and ominous which was something I loved.

 The highlight is the conclusion of the story in which you must dive underwater in a mechanical suit. Deep under the water you discover the first species that created the Reapers. It’s a pretty fantastic moment since the story hints at the Reaper killer being a rouge Reaper and not a new entry to the series. In many ways this was a huge missing piece of the Mass Effect story and I’m glad it exists but it does sort of restate what was already known. I wonder if this was being worked on before the fall out over the ending. If so this DLC was obviously intended to answer some of the lingering questions left by the series finale; if not then I guess I’m happy the ending reaction inspired it.

 Overall the DLC is not as great as the DLC from Mass Effect 2 but it is good. I’d say check this out if you love Mass Effect like me. If not I’m not sure it offers enough fresh material to pay ten bucks for.

P.S. That dismembered head on the table was freakyyy but I loved it!



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